Movie date and realizing that....

Something Borrowed and Bridesmaids are two movies that I will definitely be getting on DVD!!
It was so nice to be able to escape the real world for a few hours and lose myself
in two incredibly awesome and hilarious movies!!
 My ribs were aching by the end of the day!

We started off with Something Borrowed, I cried and laughed!
And came out with the conclusion that Darcy was never a good friend
for Rachel (an entire post to come later with more details and my
thoughts on Something Borrowed)
It was great to watch the movie and see OUR place and wishing 
we could eat lunch there whenever we wanted to!
It was also glorious to be able to watch hunky Colin Egglesfield on screen as Dex :)

He is one dreamy guy and it was a treat to watch him on the big screen :)
it was also incredibly funny when i realized that I'd already seen hunky Colin not on the big screen
but in real life!!

Colin & Ginnifer while filming Something Borrowed
Yep!! I took that picture during one of my paparazzi stunts - haha!!
It was a beautiful sunny day on Monday June 14th, 2010, when Miguelito 
and me happened to be walking by the Museum Of Natural History (two blocks away from 
my house) when we noticed all the commotion and people taking pictures. 

Now everybody who knows me, knows that I never leave my house without my handy dandy camera :)
I'm a pathological picture taker!!
And this is precisely one of the reasons why I love my city and always carry my camera around besides capturing my oh so precious moments with my family and my Miguelito!!

I snapped away and got a bazillion pictures, went home, put them in a folder and forgot about
them!! Oh! The horror!! How could I forget that I had such treasures
of my hunky lover boy :)

Colin getting his hair and makeup ready for his scene

In this picture Jill Eikenberry & Colin talking with somebody (don't know who he is)

Dex's Parents - Jill Eikenberry & Geoff Pierson
Colin being silly with his costar :) isn't he cute!
Getting their makeup ready for the scene
Colin & Ginnifer
Look at those dimples - isn't he charming :)
Ha! So you see my dear beautiful sister I actually had dibs on Colin first, but I will make an exemption
for the reason that I have dibs on this incredible adorable guy who stole my heart today!!

Chris O'Dowd as Rhodes in Bridesmaids!!
Rhodes had my heart the moment he said hello!
He is one adorable, charming and breathtaking Irish hunky :)
 His accent and adorableness had me hanging at every word he said!

 I ABSOLUTELY Loved - Bridesmaids!!
It was way too hilarious!
 It was the perfect movie to take away my blues and worries if only for a few hours! 
There were moments where you could only here my laughter echo in the movie theater - haha!!
It is a fun movie full of friendship, love and life realizations :)

These are two movies that are a definite must watch!!

So dear friends, I am happy to say that it was a day full of sisterly love, happiness,
forgetfulness, some crying (I am a bay cry) and laughter!
Just what the doctor ordered :)
I hope you all had a perfect Thursday and have an even better Friday & Weekend!!

I'm super excited because I get to see dear Johnny boy tomorrow on the big screen :)
and because I have a jam packed weekend full of soccer, street fairs, and planning for my mom's
 and dad's welcome back party!! 
My mamma & pappa finally come back on Monday!!
I get to hug them, and cry while they tell me everything is going to be okay!!
I love them with all my heart and can't wait to see their beautiful faces and tell them how much
 I've missed them and love them - eeeeeeee they are my world!!!!
It will be a great weekend indeed :)

Happy Friday my dear friends :)

Kary xoxo


  1. Thanks for the movie recommendations. I will definitely watch those two films ;-)

  2. Any movie that has me rolling with laughter is a winner in my book!

    I haven't seen either of these gems...def. will check them out!

    xx Cat brideblu

  3. i havent seen those films..but i want to now!
    Huray for mum and dad coming home! my mum and dad have been in Malta for a week but they come home tomorrow! yippeeeeee

  4. ahhhh as you know, i couldn't wait to call you when i saw this on your twitter! OMG, i can't believe you saw OUR man (yup, i'll share since you are my sister!) in person!!! oh next time we come to NYC, we won't be looking up at all the sights ;) and on the go go go. ha! you are too cute!! i loved our little chat, even with your cute froggy voice ;) joking!!!

    such great movies, especially on a sister date!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. and the cop? totally reminded me of my husband! ha

    johnny.... mmmm enjoy him for me and my girlfriend penelope! ;) i wish i was seeing it tonight with you!

    and give your wonderful parents a big hug from me!!! I'm so happy for you to get to welcome them with open arms! <3

    i love you more than words. Now get the rest of your colin photos on shutterfly, stat. ha


  5. Your pictures are awesome!! I read the book and can't wait to see the movie! Check out my blog because you have been summoned. :)

  6. I really want to see both of those!

    I just found you through one of the Saturday blog hops! Can't wait to read more. Have a great weekend!

    Amanda @

  7. Hi, I found you through the Saturday Blog Hop and am your newest follower. If you get a chance stop over and check out my “Cupboard”…..hope to see you soon!

    ~KerrieLynn Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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  8. Hi! I'm a new follower from the hop! Hope you can stop by and follow me back :) Have a wonderful day!

  9. I saw Bridemaids, it was definitely a much needed laugh! Im your newest follower. Come on by and say hello!

  10. Love your sly pictures! Colin and Ginnifer are so cute!

    Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. I just became your 100th follower, yay!!

    I loved the book Something borrowed and I've heard great things about the movie and bridesmaids too!! Can't wait until they come out on DVD too.

    Hope you can stop by my blog and follow back :)

  12. I can't wait to see Bridesmaids! I'm so glad you liked it. However, I'll have to wait. I don't go to the movies...I can't even remember the last time I went to one. They are cold and don't pause the movie when I go to the bathroom. I'm a new follower from BBL Sunday blog hop.

  13. I'm always up for a good movie...thanks for the recommendations. :)