Seize the day because life is what you make it...

My Sunshine ❤

You Are My Sunshine
My Only Sunshine
You Make Me Happy
When Skies Are Grey

Kary xoxo
6 comments on "My Sunshine ❤"
  1. Pretty smiles! I love you guys!

  2. 'you'll never know dear
    How much I love you,
    Please don't take
    My sunshine
    Love that song :)

  3. You guys are so sweet I love seeing how the relationship that you share with each other :)

  4. he's absolutely MY sunshine too!!! what a BEAUTIFUL photo of you two -- i love love love loooove you! x10000

  5. Miguelito could definitely make everyone happy when skies are grey with that smile!!!!!!! Such beautiful photos Kary! I wish I could scoop him up right now in a big hug and kisses!!! I miss just holding his hand walking around :( I love you guys!!!!!


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