Happy things to end the week with :)

Happy Friday loves :)
This week was a fast and busy one which kept me away from blog world.
But not for long!!

It is the last Friday of the school year and the last Friday that
I will be in my 20's.
Tuesday is the last day of this school year and Miguelito will officially be out for
summer vacation.
Yes! May the planning begin for a very adventurous summer :)

In the meantime may the celebrating begin, this coming weekend will be full of early birthday
Even though I'm quite sad because it's starting to sink in that I will actually be 30 in a few days
but that's an entirely different post!

In the meantime I will leave you with things that made me happy this week:

❤ cooking rice for my boys in my new red fry pan from
HomeGoods (more to come on that) I'm always happy
cooking for my boys :)

❤ Weather so beautiful that we can start having picnics in Central Park!
Nothing beats beautiful weather and Central Park except being able to spend
time with my boys :)

❤ Enjoying ferry rides - we get to do more boat riding this
weekend, including riding The Beast!

❤ Chilaxing (my word for relaxing - lol) with Manhattan while we
wait for Miguelito to come out from school

❤ Enjoying homemade banana-chocolate popsicles with
my baby :)

It's the simple things in life that make me the happiest girl on earth :)
Happy Friday Lovies and wishing you all a most wonderful Weekend!
P.S. Today will be day 3 of Jillian's 30 day shred for me and yesterday morning I was
dying as I went down the stairs with Miguelito all the while cracking up and my abs feeling
like they were going to explode :)

Kary xoxo


  1. that Beast looks like fun! yay for summer but not too hot please... SO hang in there Tuesday is the last day of school.

    Thanks for the votes Miguelito's name is in the tin of chance also, winner will be announced as soon as the kids wake up!

    Un abrazote mi amiga te quiero mucho!

  2. wow your summer vacation starts early, our schools dont break up till 22nd july!!

  3. Yay!!! Finally Miguelito will be out of school!!! :) Then you can really enjoy being night owls together!! :) I wish I was going to be there for all the fun things you two will be getting into this summer!

    That rice looks ABSOLUTELY delicious!! Next time I'm visiting, now that I have tried Shake Shack and NYC pizza - we will have to dine in at the special "Karina's Kitchen" haha and eat all of your yummy meals and desserts :) Including the homemade banana-chocolate popsicles! Love that red frying pan! so perfect for you dear :)

    Oh Central Park! How I miss it so! So jealous I'm not in that photo with Miguelito chowing down :)

    Lady Liberty - I loved our Ferry ride! SO amazing to see! Love that photo!!

    Ohmygoodness!!!! That is the SWEETEST photo of Manhattan! His little head tucked in and bowed down is just tooooo precious :)

    You go girlfriend with your 30 day shred!!! :) I think it's pretty awesome you're doing a 30 day shred with your very special birthday around the corner :) Like a theme :) I am going to have to look into this - I want my abs to feel like they are going to explode instead of feeling like jelly hahaha love the pretty pic you sent me today! :) xoxo

    I love you Kary!!!!!!!!!

  4. p.s. LOVE your new blog header!!!!

  5. Weee! Picnics in Central Park sound perfect. I wish I could be there too. Glad your weather is beautiful.

    Haha it's good that you are happy to cook. It can be such a chore for me.

    Homemade banana-chocolate popsicles (we call them ice blocks here) they sound delicious. I miss bananas. They are so expensive at the moment because a cyclone destroy the banana crops early this year. And Queensland is known to have good bananas.


  6. oh to go on picnics with you all! sigh. and yet i'd prob still wear mittens ;) haha! jk! such a cute photo of my miguelito!!!!

    mmm homemade banana-choc popsicles! please inform your sister how to make these!? i think that is a SUMMER MUST in el paso, no? ;)

    i really need to get with the times and try out jilians 30 day shred! that soreness afterwards sucks, but worth it since you know it's working! :) but you should know you're ALREADY beautiful! just as you are.

    you must tell me your birthday wish list! :)

    xoxo love you my beautiful sister!