Late Night Stroll..

One of the benefits of living in the city that never sleeps is that
when the little night owl in me decides to come out I can quickly get
dressed and go out and enjoy.

The great thing is that I'm not the only night owl around, I get to hang out with
two of my favorite night owls!

Miguelito and his sparx scooter!

My beautiful mom and Miguelito enjoying a late night frozen yogurt from PinkBerry

Falafel and Belgian Fries to end the night!
Miguelito has no school tomorrow so what better night for night owls to unite
and enjoy a beautiful stroll through the Upper West Side!
It is now 1:22am and after taking a quick shower I am finally in bed while Miguelito
watches Rugrats.

Now it's time to try and go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow because 
" I Got A Feeling that tonights gonna be a good night"......

Central Park getting ready for The Black Eyed Pea Concert
Later on tonight we will be at the Great Lawn with thousands of people listening
to the Black Eyed Peas & special guests in concert.
I am SO excited and a little anxious because out of all the days we
have a heat advisory.  
The people organizing the concert have been sending us emails like the
one below all day! So please keep your fingers crossed for us later on tonight!


A weather advisory is in affect. Due to high heat the ban on liquids has been lifted we are now encouraging guests to bring enough non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated during  the event.

No glass bottle allowed!


The best ways to stay cool at the concert:
Drink non-alcoholic beverages and stay hydrated
Wear sunblock
Bring a hat to keep the sun off
Wear sunglasses
Wear loose clothing

See you at Central Park!

Kary xoxo

P.S. Have you checked out google and the cool I'm guessing guitar? 
You can actually play the chords!! How am I supposed to go to sleep now??


  1. are you going to the concert! fab!!! have fun!, I wondered what the google thing was all about but i'm so tired i can hardly see straight haha

  2. My kids are always asleep by 8 or 8:30 como gallinitas ah! y yo tambien excepto que sea una ocasion especial!

    Oh I do hate 100 and hot degrees! Hope it doesn't mess up the concert! Disfrutalo los quiero mucho un saludo y usen su gorrito y mantenganse hidratados!

  3. How fun to live in the city.I am now a follower from Planet Weidknecht blog hop.


  4. Have fun at the concert!! I'm an early bird! :) Zac and I were both asleep by 8:00 the past two nights! haha.
    And girl, it's been triple digits here in good ole Texas for a while now! haha.

  5. It sounds wonderful when you are able to go out late at night. That would be great when I can't sleep. Have fun at the Black Eyed Peas concert. I've been to an outdoor concert to watch them before and it was awesome! x

  6. Oh my...Belgian fries..nomnomnom!! Oh I've missed you! I am finally back from my unintentional hiatus! ;)

  7. how lucky are you? sounds like a great concert. we hope to visit NYC next year! just love that place :)

  8. hmmmm... falafel! now you're totally making me crave, kary! and i'm currently starving and unfortunately, not feeling like going out to look for some.

    how have you been? i am so sorry i haven't been dropping by as often. two boys at home is seriously hard work! it's even more "full time" than a "full time job"!!! lol.

    i hope to catch up soon. email me sometime?


  9. What a cool late night! I'm envious!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it! I'm so glad to 'meet' you :)

    Have fun at the concert, hope it's not too hot!

  10. your mama's so pretty! indy just got a scooter this past week...he loves it! falafel and fries=two of my favourite foods!

  11. Tee hee, love the photo of Miguel and his scooter.

    x Jasmine