Not a happy camper!!

Photo from - This is where we entered for the concert area!

"I am never listening to The Black Eyed Pears (yes pears that is what Miguelito calls
them) again, they are mean" Miguelito told me as we half walked/half ran out of Central Park
after it was announced that the Concert was cancelled.
Cancelled!!! Yep, cancelled.
All our excitement and giddiness survived hot and rainy weather, but
it did not survive the bad news. 

 I am so happy I wasn't one of those people to stand in line since the wee hours of the morning.
But it still pissed me off, I had to take a cab twice and run around in a crowd full of confusion and
 worst of all I had to see the look of disappointment on Miguelito's face!

I have to tell you from the moment we arrived to the concert entrance it was non-stop
craziness, the only reason I did not give up than and there was because of
Miguelito - my baby was so excited and kept pushing me through thick and thin.
So it was no surprise that when it was announced that the concert
was cancelled Miguelito was really sad!

But we found the perfect remedy - we danced and singed (not a black eyed peas song)
 in the rain for the second time in one day!
I proceeded to retell Miguelito our adventure and told him to look at the bright side, all the running 
we did through Central Park, screaming and cheering with strangers, and dancing in the rain!

Now the question is will I be going to the rescheduled concert if there is one??
Why yes! I think I will :) 
We New Yorkers just don't learn - hehe!
Plus what's life without a little adventure :)

TGIF!!! And I'm so excited!
I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend full of adventures and shopping!!

Summer the very sweet girl behind Athena In The Middle also a fellow
New Yorker was so sweet to invite me along with some other lovely gals on
a private shopping spree at the new "Home Goods" store - which by the way is only 
13 blocks away from where I live!
I love Home Goods it is my dream store especially for this very special
girl who loves quirky kitchen and household things!

Now what to buy? What to buy??
 Oh the possibilities!!

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo


  1. aww that is to bad the concert was cancelled, but what a great mom you are. you made the most of it so that your son learned a huge life lesson that things change, plans fail, life will hand us lemmons, but by how you handled today your son has learned to make the best of the situation. great job mom!!!!

  2. We had tickets to this last night too and were super disappointed when they canceled it! Once they delayed it the first time, we were skeptical so luckily we waiting it out at a restaurant when the rain started. *fingerscrossed* that it is rescheduled!

    I'm glad to hear you'll be going to the Homegoods event tomorrow. I'll see you there!

  3. are you serious??? why did it get cancelled? You took it really well though...I think I would have yelled at "someone" all the way home...Which by the way reminds me of how fun is NYC in the summers. I'm kind of jealous. Wish I'd be there ;)

  4. Oh no that is really sad :( But I guess you can say it was still an adventure. I think I would have loved just to experience the crush and all the excitement. Hope your weekend is even better. x

  5. Found your blog via the Saturday Stalk Remix :) following you via GFC!

  6. oh noooooooo why did they cancel? You have a good attitude, there's no point making the rest of the night worse, gotta make the best of life! xx

  7. Oh bummer. I would love to see them in concert. Way to turn it around and into a happier day!! Pats on the back. ;-)

    Hello, I am a new follower. I would love it if you would visit my blog and follow me back at Valerie @ My-2-Cents

    Thank you
    Have a blessed week!

  8. What an awesome mom.

    I'm a new follower from Welcome to the Weekend.

  9. im sorry to hear that the concert was cancelled but dancing and singing in the rain sounds like the perfect remedy for an unfortunate night! i'm sure that just by being with you and showing your little man the upside of things made his night!

    weekend shopping sounds good to me. i wish i can splurge on some awesome shopping but *gulp*, i just splurged on a new stroller for my boys! lol. i guess that's shopping enough :)

  10. I simply love your positive attitude even through a disappointing situation. You seem like a wonderful mother! I certainly hope you get to see an awesome concert when it's rescheduled. :)

    PS... I'm sending your "Pampered Swap" gift this week. :)

  11. aww, that stinks that the concert got cancelled but at least you get a second shot at it! also, it's great that you found a way to have fun by singing and dancing in the rain anyway :)

  12. That sucks :( Did you find out if they're rescheduling?

    x Jasmine