A Taste Of Times Square

Perfect weather for a day full of outdoor dancing, eating and family time!
Oh and the most important thing I get to see my handsome pappa in action :)

Yes!!!! That's my pappa to the right :)
That picture was taken at last years Taste of Times Square
event and now it's being used to promote this years event!
Isn't my pappa handsome :)

So today right after Humbe and me pick up our Miguelito from school we get to take the Subway
right down to Times Square and enjoy lots of yummy food and great music!
You better believe I'm heading straight towards all of the yummy desserts, right after I
see my pappa and take some pictures of course :)

Can't wait to come back with pictures.
Wishing you all lovely girls a wonderful Monday :)

Kary xoxo


  1. ooo what does your pappa do? has he got a resturant? x

  2. Taste of Time Square sounds and looks delicious!...and yes my Dear your papi is handsome ;)

  3. aw man! you know with my love of eating, i WISH i could have been there for this! mostly to see your handsome pappa (such a cute photo!) and to stuff my face!!! ha good thing for you though i wasn't there, because you probably would have ate more than you did! ha

    I can't wait to see more photos!!!!

    xoxox love you! thanks for the phone chat ;)

  4. what a great photo!

    can't wait to read all about the delicious food!

  5. Such a great photo! And he cooks ;) Even better. This event sounds amazing though. Food and music. Love x

  6. New follower. GREAT blog! Please come follow back when you can.

    Thanks =)


  7. That is so awesome! We found your blog through the hop. We are your newest followers and would LOVE to have you follow our blog!