Weekend Recap

Hi lovies I hope your weekend was great!!
Here's a quick photo recap of our weekend :)

Miguelito is finally a red and black stripe belt!
Through sweat and hardcore training he is making his dreams come true!
My little future Taekwondo Master.

Saturday morning our little Manhattan napping on a pile of clothes destined to be
thrown away. Just minutes before he almost died in my arms!!
Miguelito and me were doing some cleaning and therefore his
toys were sprawled all over the floor, next thing I hear
Manhattan is making some weird noises and moving in such a weird way.
I picked him up and he kept making weird noises and moving his belly weirdly,
when I finally noticed that he was chocking I started shaking him and moving his stomach
(I was freaking out and shaking so bad) and Miguelito kept on screaming Manhattans name,
all i could do was shake him and try to open his mouth.
By the time I was able to get his mouth open he was already foaming and going limp, I stuck
my fingers all the way down his throat making him throw up.
It was one of the scariest moments of my life, I really thought Manhattan
was going to die and I along with Miguelito kept on screaming "Manhattan come
on baby, come on chiquito"
Ugh, by the time it was over I handed Manhattan to my crying baby and locked myself in a room.
The shaking was uncontrollable and the crying threatening to burst out,
the only reason I kept it in was because of Miguelito!
A horrible way to begin a Saturday morning!

Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip cupcakes I baked for my pappa and family on
Father's day. It was the first time I was making these from scratch!
I have to say they might not look so pretty but they were
heavenly. Worthy of going in my cupcake recipe book :)
I along with Miguelito ate 3 - yes 3!!

How was your weekend??
Happy Monday :)

Kary xoxo


  1. Que miedo un momento tan terrible! Que bueno que Manhattan esta bien yo me hubiewra muerto alli antes que el perro! (del susto)

  2. Oh girl, I'm so glad everything turned out okay. You're such a brave mamma!

  3. oh no your poor doggie so glad he's ok! And well done to your little Master!:)

  4. Congrats to little Miguelito on his new belt! Your dog situation sounds very scary but I'm happy to hear he's going to be ok!

  5. Oh my gosh, how utterly frightening! What caused Manhattan to choke?! I'm so glad he's okay!

    Congratulations to Miguel! You must be super proud!

    Also, those muffins look amazing!

    x Jasmine

  6. i am SOOOOO GLAD that you were able to catch manhattan in time and were brave enough to follow-through on what needed to be done to save him. YOU`RE A HERO, babe --- especially to your child`s eyes.

    now chill those nerves because you`ve done GREAT. i`m sure it was nerve-wracking but you did amazing in the nick of time.

    those muffins look yum, btw. you`re getting me hungry!

  7. Oh no Kary! I'm glad Manhattan is alright but that is such a scary experience.

    Congrats to Miguelito!! And those muffins look so delicious! x

  8. oh beautiful sister, i know how SCARY it is!!! trust me :( it is the worse feeling-- and you feel so helpless! but we have a love like a mom even when it comes to our dogs that we (and of course the help of God!) save them. I will never get over my panic/fear/sadness at almost losing stella. it was THE WORSE!!! that's why i had to share it with you as soon as marianne told me what happened :( Thank God he's okay!!! LOVE YOU!!!

    ps. can you send me a box of those muffins?! OH MY GOODNESS, they look delicious!