Blast From The Past...

There's nothing better than late night reminiscing with your sister into wee hours
 of the night. 
Chatting about old TV shows and crushes, that's precisely how this segment is making a
 comeback all thanks to late night chatting with Marz - night owls unite :)

It was Saturday night and off we were going back and fourth
chatting about our favorite TV shows!
Remembering good ole TGIF Fridays and how fun it was to sit around with our family
and laugh at silly characters from Steve Urkel "Did I Do That?"
to Joey "Whoa!"

Those were the good ole carefree days, when sitcoms were the best and so much fun
to watch especially because you got to see your crush.

Each week we (by we I mean me and you my lovely readers)
 will go back in time and reminisce an old TV show and share our crush from that show.

You all remember Blossom and her silly friend Six!

Blossom - one of the coolest 90's girl ever!
Left acting and graduated from college with a PHD in neuroscience and is now a mom of two!
Joey - Blossoms very cute middle brother Whoa!
He continues to act in TV sitcoms.
Anthony - Blossoms older brother!
Now a recovering drug addict and alcoholic - last big screen debut  was as one of the jokers
goons in "The Dark Knight"
Six - Blossoms very cool best friend.
Continues to act and can be seen in "Dr Doolitle 3"
Vinnie - Blossoms boyfriend to later become her fiance.
Continued to act and starred with Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina The Teenage Witch.
 I have to say that even though I loved Joey for his quirkiness and handsome looks
my heart really belonged to Vinnie :)
Something about his quirkiness and leather wearing jacket character just won me over!!

I love you Vinnie!!

 Who did your heart belong to from Blossom?

Kary xoxo


  1. I LOVED that conversation we had! I smiled the entire time remembering everything with you. You're right, sitcoms aren't like they use to be! Talking about those show took me right back to my childhood watching and swooning over our crushes with my sisters :) Joey, Joey, JOEY!!! WHOA! He was my first big, big celebrity crushes. I loved his plaid shirt tied around his waist and his "hole-y" jeans. But his hair...his hair I loved most of all. I use to dream of running my hands through it ;) I had his posters ALL over my walls! I loved him so much! It's sad that I don't watch his current show now! Maybe I should look it up online and watch :) I use to really love him! Thanks for including the intro to the show! I can't remember the last time I saw it and yet watching it I remembered it like it was yesterday lol I loved Blossom on the beginning of "Beaches" as the young Bette Midler :) I totally forgot all about Vinnie until your post :) Ohhh leather jackets :)It was also neat that you included what they are up to these days :) I'm SOOO excited about this segment and can't wait for the next week :) Brings back such wonderful, warm memories!!! I LOVE YOU!!! p.s. thanks for being there for me tonight. You mean so much to me sister! xoxo

  2. I totally loved Joey...thanks for bringing back memories :)

  3. I loved Joey!! I miss this show!

    x Jasmine

  4. i forgot how cute vinnie was!!!! lol marianne told me all about this conversation!!! It was so much fun to remember things... like even the little dinosaur who said, "notamomma" or whatever it was. HA!!!

    marianne LOVEEEEED joey! loved.

    "woah"-- HAHAHA

    this is such a fun post and YES! night owls unite ;) i'm still giggling about benjamin bratt + steamy in our last bbm after hours chat! they are the best <3

  5. I loved Blossom!! My BFF was just talking about old shows the other day! Such good memories of being a kid!

    Stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday hop! Hope you are having a great Sunday!!

    Hope to see you again next weekend,
    Kortney's Krazy Life

  6. It was Tony...there was something about him. It's really sad that Michael isn't doing well now...really sad.
    P.s. didn't like Joey that much...