Like me for who I am...

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." 
- Dr.Seuss 
I've always loved to write and save all sorts of trinkets from ticket stubs, to little notes,
or napkins. Looking back at my old journals that's what you will find
little things that connect to a special day or moment from my life.
That's just the kind of girl I am, I like to remember every single moment of
my life whether it be good or bad. 
I'm a dork that way.
It's funny how I stumbled upon blogger, to tell you the truth I had no idea about this
world, and I only learned about it as I watched Uma Thurman blogging in the movie Motherhood.
I fell in love with Blogger from that day forward. 
The next day I ran to sign up and start my own blog,
what better way to capture and remember my everyday adventures.
From that first Hi to a little few posts back this blog was about me and my little family, about
any thoughts floating inside my head, or anything else my heart desired.
Sadly enough I feel like peer pressure has gotten the best of me, and I've lost my way 
in my little blog. I have so many post ideas floating in my head and yet not one 
of them is up.
 I've always been the kind of girl to care to much about what other people 
think, and therefore when a very mean comment was put up anonymously 
on my blog a few weeks back I let it affect me way to much. I almost gave up blogging!!
Yes - I let it affect me that much, but instead I tried to change, to not focus so much on me - I 
laugh and cry as I type this, because I was stupid to let something like this affect me.
You must realize though that these past few months have been very rough and a girl can only take so much, especially for a very sensitive one like me.
 Peer pressure can be a bitch, even in blog world.

What kind of peer pressure you ask?
The idea of having to be a part of some kind of group.
Groups? The little groups you find online, like the mommy bloggers who choose to only
follow fellow mommy bloggers, the fashion bloggers who only follow fashion bloggers,
or the spelling snobs who won't give you the light of day because you spelled 
they - day! Sometimes we are in  a rush and it happens.
I could go on but I won't, you get the idea.

 My blogging desire diminished and my commenting on other blogs as well ( I also didn't 
have my laptop with me, it was with Geek Squad - grrr..more on that later)
The saddest thing for me to realize through all of this 
was that I let some stupid comment rule me and my blog.
I didn't stop to think about my real friends that I've met through blogging and like me
for who I am, and come back to read my everyday ramblings.

So you see I've been very DUMB!!
 But no more, this is MY space after all, and I will blog whatever my heart desires.
If I want to be sad I will be, if I want to be happy and write about
 my everyday adventures with my family I will.
I will be ME!!
I'm pretty cool if you get to know me and a little dorky, but still a
pretty sweet girl who loves life and thinks we all deserve respect for who we are.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Now I have a favor and sort of a contest I want to do.
When I first started this blog the name was
"Peace,Love, & Cupcakes = Happiness"
I thought it was to long and maybe a little to childish for me and my age - again thinking what would
readers think :( and therefore I later changed it to 
"Ramblings Of A Simple Girl"
I've really never liked it and don't feel like it really suits me, I'm not fully content with it
and now I'm thinking it would be fun if  you my lovely
friends could help me come up with a new name? 
The winning lady would get a special package from me :)
So what do you think?
Are you in or are you out :)

Thank you loves especially my dear close friends
Who come back every single time and read my everyday ramblings :)
You all hold a very special place in my heart and I love you dearly!!

Kary xo

P.S. I almost didn't publish this post and pressed the delete button,
but it's time to start being true to myself again!


  1. SO glad you didn't hit delete my love! I was wondering how you got so many followers?? but if they talk trash who wants them are so sweet and such a great friend I think we've been friends for about a year now and I love you lots!!! maybe you can moderate comments just like Micaela did once! I like your daily ramblings and knowing how your week went! I love this space of yours do whatever you want with it I'll come back to visit you my love!

    I am sending you virtual hugs and virtual kisses!

    ps I will come back with an idea for your blog's name!

  2. i've never had mean commments...and i like to think that if i did i'd just ignore it...but i think we all get a bit hurt deep down. I make spelling mistakes alll the time and most of the time i can't be bothered to go back and edit them..
    I know what you mean about the groups, but i like blogs that have a bit of everything in them, as to me blogs are the diary of someone's life. And my life certainly isn't all about one thing!
    We are partners for Gracie's next mail project, and i am so excited to learn more about you. I havent started mine yet as all the excitment of being away...but i will be soon!!
    As for your title...hmmmm i like the one you have...but i will have to have a wee think. Could be something about where you live? (but that's just cos i'm always attracted to blogs from NYC haha)

  3. You need to read Candace Bushnell's One Fifth Avenue. A few of the characters are bloggers and are HILARIOUS! :)

  4. oh Kary, I DO LOVE YOU!!! i come back to visit your blog all the time because i love reading your words, reading about your little miguelito or see the photos you've taken posted up or any of the other quirky little posts you have. it's your blog, your space, and it's YOU!!! no one can take that away from you.

    so i say who cares to that anonymous person who was mean --- people do that because they are jealous that you have wonderful blogger friends who support and love you. they also do it because they have nothing better to do!

    smile kary, your true friends will always be here for you. and i'm so very glad you did not quit blogging for i do so look forward to reading all your postings!!!

    <3 elaine

  5. Amen, sista! I'm glad you finally came through in the end :) I love blogging SO MUCH as well, (sometimes even better than the real world), and I can't imaging ever giving it up!

    <3 Belly B

  6. Kary, I LOVE this post! It is so heartfelt and true. You talk about the things we all feel sometimes, but don't want to remember. Very inspirational. You go, girl!

    I hope you get my swap package soon -- I know it will cheer you up. :) Let me know if you don't get it within a week.

    As for you blog name, try going with a single word or short phrase -- something that has a meaning to you whether or not anyone else understands it. It can be a place that you love, or the name of your favorite restaurant or bookstore, or even your favorite food. I used to write a column for a small-town newspaper and I titled it "Fryed Dill Picklez" after a famous food in that town. Everyone loved the name. :)

  7. Good for you, Kary. It can be hard work staying true to yourself and I admire you for deciding to rise above it.

    How about Love, Kary for your blog title? I think that sums you up pretty well!

    PS: Congrats on winning my best friend's first ever giveaway. Em sends the loveliest parcels! I can't wait for you to get yours. :)

  8. I've been thinking about your blog's name and I think there's gotta be a cupcake in it! maybe??

  9. Sweet girl, I say blog about whatever your heart desires. Like you said it's your blog so you can do what you want. That stupid mean person can go fall off a cliff. I don't understand why some people will go out of their way to leave mean comments. Really those people must be bitter with their lives to have to ruin someone else's day too.

    I love you Kary! You are so wonderful and I say don't change who you are at all.

    As for blog name....I had this thought but it's kind of lame. "Just another Cupcake in NYC" :p

  10. Oh no! :( Kary, I had no idea this happened to you. I know it's easier said than done, but you shouldn't let it get you down. I hate that someone has made you feel this way! :(

    But you know what, we love you as you are, not as you think you should be. You do what you want to do and we will love and adore you, as always!!!

    x Jasmine

    PS. If you want to change your blog name and can't think of what to change it too, I think a competition is a great way to do it!

  11. oh kary, i had no idea! you should have called me :( you know my story about my mean comment... it makes you feel violated doesn't it? like blogging is our safe place. The thing is, anonymous comments are just cowards... jealous and those who wish they could be you-- and they're sad people. why else would they waste the time to intentionally hurt someone? these aren't people we want to be around so let's dance it off! i'll beat them up for you ;) ha! you know i always got my sister's back!!!

    thank-you for your honesty in this post... i know we've often talked about the pressures we put on ourselves ... i hate i can never take a "fashion post" cos i'm not photogenic or have the right camera etc. it's refreshing to know i'm not the only one with these struggles but at the end of the day-- you're right. We are beautiful just the way we are. Don't you ever change!!! i loveee you!!!!

    title... always the hardest part right? if mine wasn't called dolce vita, i would have no idea what to name it. i like the theme of cupcakes cos that is SO you! "when life is as good as cupcakes" came to mind but it might be too long to you? hmmm i'll brainstorm some more! :) LOVE YOU!

  12. Wow, well, I for one am a new follower via Super Stalker Sunday looking forward to future posts! :)