Some of my Favorites

I'm very excited for this new weekly segment which was actually inspired 
by my beautiful sisters blog post from yesterdays "Wanting to know you Wednesday"
Every Thursday I will post some of my favorite items ranging from
beauty products to food and clothes :)
If you have any ideas for some favorites please feel free to email them 
to me.

Hope you all enjoy this new segment

This week I'm starting with some of my favorite beauty products :)

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Midnight Body Spray
I love scented body lotions and body sprays! I have so many at home people think I sell them, but truth is I just love them. I especially love victoria's secret garden collection, now that it's summer
this body mist is light and refreshing to wear plus it smells incredible!

Benzyl Peroxide Gel
this product is great for those horrible little red monsters we call zits, which I seem to
be getting a lot - bleh!
It's a quick overnight worker, and it works great on reducing redness and size by adding a quick doublet over the affected area and leaving it on overnight plus it's a Walgreen's brand meaning it's great for budget saving - a must have for emergency monsters I mean zits :)

Now this is a must have for this nail polish freak. I always make sure to carry this around in my purse
for those quick manicures and running around with freshly painted nails! It's saved my nail polish many a times!

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Stress Control
I love this power clear scrub, it leaves my face so soft after each washing and very radiant. I swear it's not that my face is dirty or anything but after each use my face looks so much cleaner. Plus it was an allure magazine editor's choice.

Sephora - Blush Me Bronze Sensation No #8
Did you guys know that at my age (30) I am fairly new to makeup?? Gasp!!
Yep! Therefore for this blush I had to take lil old me to Sephora where they have patience for someone like me who has no idea of what goes good with my olive complexion.
I love this blush so much it gives me just the perfect touch of pink to my somewhat olive skin and it's perfectly light to wear.

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick - Intimidate 01 Rum Raisin
Even though I'm fairly new to blush and other kinds of makeups I've always loved lipstick!
I love to dress up my lips - oh yes I'm a mouth flirt-er - does that sound right? 
And this lipstick is just perfect for that!! It has a perfect touch of red and plum put together! 

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm In Red Dahlia
This lip balm is great! It's so smooth and with a perfect touch of color making it perfect for those on the run days.

Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara  physicians formula in black was actually a freebie score :)
One thing I love about walking the streets of New York is that they are always giving something away!
This mascara is perfect, it makes my lashes look longer and prettier.

 What are some of your favorites?

Kary xo



  1. I am running out to buy that smudge corrected right away! I'm always ruining my nails!

  2. I totally gotta try that tinted lip balm ;)

  3. I enjoyed your blog and the products you shared. My favorite mascara is Falsies Volumn Express. I think it is made by Mableline. I am 63 and have tried every brand made but have never found anything like this. It's a WOW product. Studio Secrets by Loreal is another product I won't go without. Makes your skin look flawless. I'm a new follower from Thursday Blog Hop.

  4. Victoria's Secret lotions, Neutrogena skin care products, and anything Burt's Bees -- LOVE LOVE LOVE. :)

  5. PS... I emailed you. :)

  6. Hi there! Found you on bassgiraffe's thoughts. What a great blog!

    Freckles Crafts

  7. i'm so excited for your new installment! i LOVE knowing products people love so i can try them out (especially if i was curious about them, like the oil free acne stress control) and as you know, i value my beautiful sister's opinion :)

    i'm also a HUGE fan of your series already because i NEED avon's smudge corrector in my life!


  8. Visiting from TheChattyMommy,

    great post..I love to hear product recommendations!

  9. Great reviews thank you
    I am following you from the Blog Hop, hoping you will stop by and follow me back please

  10. Oh this is awesome! I think this will be a great segment. I might have to do something similar to you I think :)

    I really love seeing what beauty products people use. I find it fascinating. I love the sound of the mascara. It's one of my fave makeup supplies (I used to hate my eyes but ended up loving them as I got older hee).


  11. Love the idea of stress control :)

    Lucy is out hopping. Come on by when you get a chance Closer to Lucy

  12. Love Burts bees too, just not the cooling balm

    I would be honored if you stopped by. My last post: Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room

  13. Kary!!! I'm SOOO excited about your new segment :) You and I are very similar so I know I'm going to end up loving a lot of the things on your lists :) I need to get some of that Benzyl Peroxide Gel - those pesky monsters have been harrassing me too!!!
    You are such a natural beauty!!! You don't need make up and always look flawless!! You are definitely a mouth flirter - you have the most beautiful big lips I've ever seen :) I love you and look forward to reading more about your favourites! xoxo

  14. I love Burts Bees too!

    Great segment, can't wait to read more!

    x Jasmine