The countdown has begun.....

 I promise to come back with many pictures and stories of how we've spent our summer days.
I know, I know I already said that before but I promise this time I mean it, and let me tell you
they've been filled with lots of eating . From finding the best fried chicken in NYC to finally checking out Eataly and riding lots of ferry's and enjoying the sea breeze.
 Oh, and not to mention the masaquer that happened to my hair. I went in for a haircut and
came out a mess :(

But first, the countdown to two very special dates has begun!

One: The first day of school - 22 days left to be exact,
and second and most importantly we have started to count down the days to.......

Miguelito has always been a silly little boy :)
 Miguelito's 8th Birthday - Only 19 days left!!!

I cannot believe that my baby will be 8yrs old on September 5th, he will be
2yrs away from being 10yrs old!! 
Time goes by way to fast and I just want to freeze time and
have my Miguelito this age forever!!

Before I forget this is the design I had on my nails:

The one Migueltio said matched my cupcakes :)
I'm addicted to polka dots I tell you, can't wait to show you what
I've come up with since :D
Ah! and I'm so happy to have more than 200 followers stay tuned to
a giveaway  of some of my favorite things to celebrate and just because 
I love you all!!

Kary xoxo


  1. Isn't Eataly the best? It's walking distance from my office which is trouble!!

    Those nails are gorgeous!

  2. oh our baby is growing up!!! btw, i need you to text me NOW and tell me and tia marz what our sweet birthday baby would like for his most important birthday ;) do it... NOW! ha

    i love your nails, little cupcake xo

  3. we're getting mentally prepared because in 5 days school starts here :( and yes we wanna see pictures of your adventures!! sending hugs Kary!

  4. Enjoy the end of summer. It will be gone before we know it...and that fact makes me so sad. Lots of cold months to blog. Will enjoy seeing your pictures and activities.

  5. Cute nails! Love the polka dots :)

  6. Eating is the best! I hope to visit NYC one day, seriously my traveling is all about the food, and you can be my food guide (if you want)!! :)

    oh no, I hate bad haircuts!! one time I went in for a trim and this older lady was the only one open, so I didn't want to be rude and say oh no I'll wait for someone else, so I walked out of there with an eighties styled bob. -_- NOT fun.

    My little brothers are so not excited to go back to school! They are hooked on their video games, but time flew by so fast!

    Ooh, birthday boy must be excited!! I just know you'll make it a special one for him.

    ps. I already got the book, and one chapter per week sounds perfect! :) ready when you are. :)

  7. Nails are so great, they are perfect for summer!

  8. Your nails are so beautiful! The polka dots are so pretty.

    And your Miguelito is nearly 8! Aww your precious little boy is getting older but he will always be your little baby boy :)

  9. Your nails are always so freaking cute!! :)
    And I, too, want to know what little Miguelito wants for his big birthday!! :)

  10. Wow, Miguel's turning eight! He's growing up so fast! I bet if you lived here, he would be great friends with my little sister :)

    x Jasmine

    PS. You know I love your nails! Purple and polka dots? Yes please!!

  11. WOW! Where do I even start to comment on your Friday Post!! You had so much fun! I laughed out loud at your husband sleeping at IKEA!! Classic.
    Following you from Whimsical Wednesday Hop!

    jenny at dapperhouse