DIY Watermelon Inspired Nails

So many things so little time!
We're almost done with the first week of August, and we're only
one month away from the first day of school - yikes!

I've been making sure that we enjoy every single day & moment.
Our days have been full of many adventures, movies, late night sleeping & yummy food :)
I can't wait to post some pictures.

In the mean time I'm leaving you with some pictures of one of my favorite hobbies and an easy
DIY nail idea  that you can do yourself. Now that it's summer I have more time to paint my nails 
and I've been loving coming up with some fresh ideas.

Pink nailpolish -w- OPI's white shatter on top

OPI in Mermaid Tears -w- OPI Silver Shatter on top
My sister asked me to paint her nails :)

DYI - Watermelon inspired nails

Things you will need: nail polish & band-aids.

 1) You will need OPI in Mermaid Tears & Sparrow Me The Drama
(These were a birthday gift from my beautiful sister's Marz & Micaela)
First paint your entire nail in Sparrow Me The Drama - I used two coats.

2)  Let the pink nail polish dry for about 15 - 20  minutes so that non of the nail
polish gets pulled off when you put the band aid on your nail.
Depending on what kind of line you want from straight to diagonal, that is the way you need 
to put the band-aid on. For this design we are doing a diagonal line.

3) After you place the ban-aid diagonally on the nail, use the Mermaid Tears and color
over the pink nail polish. I also used two coats of this mint color.
You can remove the band-aid slowly a minute or two after you finish applying the Mermaid tears.
After one more minute or two finish by applying a clear top coat.

4) Voila - You have a perfect diagonal design and manicure :)

Side Note: You can also use scotch tape - even though I do feel it is somewhat tougher and when 
it is pulled off the nail some of the nail polish does come off,  and you can also use any two
colors you like.

I now have a different design on my nails :)
Can you guess? Hint: I see spots.

Today I baked some cupcakes and Miguelto said Mami they remind me of your nails :)

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xo


  1. this has seriously made my day!! i have wondered forever how on earth to do the straight line across the nail! i thought people were amazing and doing it free hand!
    Am most definitely going to give this a go this weekend :) xx

  2. This is such a good tip. I agree with Alyssa! i had no idea how to get a straight line. But still I pay to get my nails done because I'm just not good at it. Yours look great!

  3. I love those nails! Pink and green are my absolute favorite colors.

  4. painting nails look like fun, I never do it...I never make time for it and my fingers looks chubby when painted but that cupcake looks colorful delicious! we have two more weeks of summer vacation before school starts! we've had our fun though! xoxo

  5. amiga, thank you for writing to me during my blog land absence. i'm so sorry i didn't write back, but life has been so busy, it's only now slowing down. :) your card meant so much to me though, and is one of the reasons I'm back! i'm so happy to be able to call you "friend"! i'm back to blogging, i missed everyone so much!

    but enough about me, can I just say, I love your nails! the pink and mint color are my favorite! I have a nail polish obsession, and you've just given me new ideas! ;)
    i'm happy to be back, and can't wait to keep reading your blog. :)


  6. This is utterly awesome! Your nails look so pretty. Plus I like the colours you chose. I must pick up those shades sometime.

    Oh there is nothing better than planning a trip. I told Jason that when we go to NYC we have to hang with you guys! It will be amazing!! x

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  8. cute blog! I'm your 200th new follower!
    Come visit us!
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  9. OMG I LOOOOVE your beautiful nails!!!! SOOOO pretty!!! I wish I lived in NYC so you could do my nails all the time :) I love what you did for your sister's nails :) Thanks for sharing your secrets - I also did not know the band aid trick! And Miguelito is soooo right - your nails do look like that cupcake :) I saw them in the photo with your little smurf boyfriend on the cellphone pic on facebook :) SO pretty!!!! Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS! And Miguelito's smile - so precious!!

  10. new follower from the monday hop. please stop by, I would love a follow back!

  11. I love trying new designs on my nails, and I love the OPI shatters! Lately I've been using a hot pink base coat with black shatter on top. :) I love the watermelon idea, so I'll have to give it a try!

  12. Kary, stop by my blog I am having a messiest hair contest! tell Miguelito to cast his vote! un abrazo!

  13. You are seriously the nail polish queen! I love all these photos of your nails!

    Thanks for the tutorial, I may just try it out if I'm brave enough :)

    I already know what your cupcake inspired nails look like, so I won't give it away ;)

    x Jasmine

  14. you are a hand flirting goddess!!!! oh how i wish you could do my nails like jessie! i LOVE the colors on you and me and marianne KNEW we had to get you those. (your band-aids are cute!!!)

    my heart swoons at that photo of my miguelito!!! and even more so at how he said the cupcake reminded him of your nails-- PRECIOUS!!!!

    i miss you two SO VERY MUCH! i love you my beautiful sister. xo