Hurricane Irene Is History!

Never doubt the power of prayer - it is very powerful!!
We are all ok!! :) God answered all of our prayers, when Hurricane Irene
touched land in New York City and it turned into a Tropical Storm. It could have been worse
but it wasn't. We were very lucky and I am so grateful, my prayers and thoughts are with all of the other states that were affected by Hurricane Irene and for the lives that were lost.

And no there is no such thing as being over prepared, better safe than sorry!
Many people are now regretting all the precautions they took and the MTA being shut down completely. But is there any such thing as being over prepared?

We can now laugh and say with lots of happiness that Irene is History baby!
I wish with all my heart that these coming days are nice and relaxed so that I can enjoy our last days of summer vacation, plus I have two birthdays to plan - Miguelito's on the 5th and my Mom's on the 10th of September :)

Thank you so much to all of my beautiful friends and family in Texas for your messages, prayers and words. They meant the world to me and my family. We love you all!!
I can not forget to mention some very special girls that kept me on my toes during this entire ordeal, if it were not for their messages, emails, and text messages I would have been a total mess!
Marz - my beautiful sister, darling Claire, sweet Erin, my sunshine Jasmine, and Mi Clau!!
You girls rock - I love you lots!!!!

"My friends are my estate"
- Emily Dickinson

Now for some before and after pictures, one thing that really amazed me was seeing NYC so empty, for the city that never sleeps and which is always full of people it was scary to see it a ghost town.

Taken on Saturday a day before Irene was supposed to hit us. The photographer in me couldn't help it and had to come out to take some pictures!

Saturday morning - Irene was going to hit on Sunday morning. Nyc streets empty!
NYC looking solemn awaiting Irene!
Stores following the advise of taping up there store windows.

Ghost town I tell you!
Bread aisle empty.
Cold meat section empty
Chip aisle empty, except for those poor cheetos :(
NYC stores boarded up!

 Taken Sunday afternoon.

Two bikers relaxing on the bench and paying no mind to the fallen tree branch behind them.

Two blocks away from where I live, street lamp post fell on top of the car.

Tree branches everywhere
We can now look at these signs and laugh :)

NYC stores closed!
Central Park 
 This is what the wind sounded like in Central Park a day after Irene, I can just imagine the sound of the wind during Irene!

I am happy to say that New Yorkers took all of the warnings very seriously and we can now happily say
Irene Is History - Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Kary xoxo

P.S. Do keep an eye out for a very sweet giveaway that will be posted by the end of this week :)


  1. So glad you all are safe!
    I love seeing how some of the shop owners kept a good sense of humor. :)
    A friend of mine sent a pic of what is usually a very busy street...with absolutely zero vehicles. It looked so wild! I think I'll print it and frame it...seeing such a bustling city look so still, it's a kind of creepy way!

  2. I was so glad to follow along and find out that you were safe and sound. Glad my messages helped you through :)

    Those photos are great. Aren't you glad you captured those images?

    Enjoy the last week of summer with Miguelito... Soak 'em up!

  3. you are right about two things my beautiful sister-- the ABSOLUTE power of prayer and that there is no such thing as being over prepared... i'm SO GLAD you are safe, that my whole family in NY is. i can't imagine how scary it must have been!

    and those signs... ha! D Cups!!! too funny! if only that was my problem lol

    i bet ny empty was a sight to experience...

    love you so much and that quote...? perfection!

  4. estoy muy contenta saber que estas bien al igual tu familia. Me imagino cuan horrible fue y el susto que se llevaron :/

    Mil y millones abrazitos para ti :)

  5. I ma glad Irene was not too nasty to you. We fared well on Long Island too (we were lucky to have power- so many lost it)
    I am a new follower from WWBH.I would love for you to come by and say "hi".

  6. I"m so glad you are OK. And I loved being able to see those pictures of how people prepared for it and the aftermath. The grocery aisles You really live in the best place. I just barely missed the storm. I was there all day Sunday while on my layover from Puerto Rico. We ate at this cool chinese/latin place called Dinastia China on 72nd st between Columbus and YUMMY!!

  7. SO happy you and your family are okay! Wow, it all looks so quiet and peaceful, the opposite of how I imagine New York! :) I don't know how you found the courage to go out and take those pictures, I would've been terrified! I'm glad it wasn't as bad as expected, but also glad that people took those safety precautions! Again, so happy you guys are okay, and hope you get to enjoy your last days of summer in peace. :)

    ps. I hope you love game of thrones as much as I did, they really reignited my love for reading. :) Now I need to read some lighter stuff, like Emily Giffin's series (and yes, my address is still the same :)

  8. wow great pictures! I was getting the emails from Downtown Allience, (i obv joined up when we went there) so i really felt for you all!
    I'm glad everyone is safe. I cant believe people were saying the mayor over reacted with the warnings, i've lost count of the number of times Mr D has moved all our vehicles up into town when we've had flood warnings down here, and i never moan when it turns out to be not so bad!!!
    Have a fun last few holiday days!!

  9. OH wow! an empty NY City hard to believe and those bread and grocery aisles empty!! except for those cheetos bags...if they had been HOT cheetos my step daughter would have snatched them up LOL!!

    So glad that you guys are safe...solo un sustote verdad??

    Lots of hugs Kary

  10. Very nice post! Better prepared than sorry! Love the empty NYC!

    Following from Wild Wed Hop,

  11. So good to know you are safe. That is some kind of scary wind! I'm glad it was only a storm. And you're right -- can never be too prepared.

  12. Hi... Great blog! I am glad it is over. Newest follower from the hop. Have a great day.

  13. OMG! Irene! I like your bLOG & Post! I'm following! I hope your visit my blog!


  14. i am so happy that you are safe, sound, ready to enjoy the rest of summer and looking ahead to family celebrations.

    love that in the midst of craziness in NYC, people still found ways to be humourous and kind and friendly. what an amazing city!

  15. Very nice post. Now, we all can have an idea about the days before and after a hurricane hits a city.

  16. I was so relieved when you told me it was over and you were all safe!

    How bizarre to see empty streets in NYC. I'm not sure that will ever happen again!

    x Jasmine