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Hurricane Irene

First an earthquake and now a hurricane!
We are officially waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit us overnight from 2:00am to 3:00pm.
We were previously told it was going to hit us tomorrow at 8:00pm, but she's a coming
faster than we anticipated. Yesterday we went shopping for water, canned food, batteries and flashlights, and it was a mob scene like never before. The shelves were empty, there was no bread, no D batteries which are the ones that flashlights mostly use, and no flashlights. We ended up at Costco after going to Target and two other stores and coming up empty handed.  Our windows have been taped up just in case and we have our supplies ready.

We are all staying together, my mom, dad, sister, brother, Humbe, Miguelito and me, we will be sleeping in the hallway away from windows, well Miguelito will actually be sleeping as I watch over him. I must say that I am starting to freak out, the pressure and the news are actually getting to me and after a mini panic attack the only thing holding me together is Miguelito.
We might lose power and this crappy laptop of mines will also stay without power, so I hope to come back on Monday or Tuesday to let you know that we are ok and how New York survived it's first hurricane.
Wishing you all a great weekend, and praying that everything is ok!
Update: We are getting hit by Irene at 8:00am and not at 2:00am like we were previously told. It is raining cats & dogs and the wind is picking up. We will still be sleeping in the hallway away from the windows! Thank you loves for all of your sweet comments and prayers. xoxo Love ya!!!
Kary xoxo

18 comments on "Hurricane Irene"
  1. I am praying for you guys my love! xoxo God will keep you guys safe! Que bueno que todos estan juntos!

  2. AHHHHH!!! no voy a poder dormir! Mi Dios los va a dejar ver el arco iris pronto Kary!! Genesis 9: 12-16

    Te quiero mucho!

  3. Praying, praying, praying for you...


  4. orando por ti y tu familia. Cuidense mucho.

    Besitos xx

  5. Thinking of you, Kary, and sending hugs to New York. Keep dry and warm! I'll be checking for updates that you're all okay.

  6. Yesterday, me and Zac were watching the news about it. They were talking about New York and Zac said,"I hope Miguelito is ok!!" I told him he would be fine and we'll keep him and his family in our prayers! :)
    Prayers for you all!!

  7. ive been watching on the news and i'm so glad that everyone is safe xx

  8. hope all is well and you are all safe!

    stopping by from the Alexa hop!
    come by and say hi

  9. I hope Irene was a dud for you like it was for most of us here in NH. Stopping in from the Alexa hop.

  10. Hi just calling by from the Alexa Blog hop.Hope everything is ok with you all over there. We don't have hurricanes here in Australia we have cyclones, which I know are very scary. Check out my new Blog hop Making Goals Monday Sarah

  11. Ohh I'm praying for you all to stay safe. I really hope all is well. And I know it will be alright *huge hugs* I'm glad you are all together as well. xx Stay safe lovely.

  12. happy monday morning to you! how are you feeling after getting through it all?

  13. New GFC follower from the Alexa hop. We made it through Hurricane Irene unscathed. Some of our neighbors just blocks away had a lot more damage than we did. We are very fortunate. I hope you made it through with minor damage.

  14. I hope everything's okay there! I'll definitely be keeping y'all in my prayers!!

  15. Hello friend! I'm stopping by on the Alexa hop! I hope all is well after Irene barrelled through!

  16. I am SO thankful to God for protecting and watching over my NY family!!! I couldn't breath because I was SO worried sick over you! I knew you were trying to be strong for Miguelito and how hard that must have been. I'm SO glad everything turned out okay - the power of prayer!!!! It broke my heart to think of ya'll in the hallway! My dad and I had to do that once because we were under a tornado watch and it was the scariest thing ever (even though a tornado never came). I'm glad if anything did happen ya'll were prepared because it's always safe then sorry. Glad you're NYC is one tough cookie :) She's been through a lot and she's always bounced back!
    I love you sweet girl! xo

  17. Hey girlie -- hope you all are doing well. Praying for you!

  18. New follower from welcome wednesday, amazing pictures hope all is well!



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