It's the simple things in life...

A recap in pictures of some of our Summer adventures :)
Warning this post is a little bit picture heavy!
【ツ】 Miguelito back at Taekwondo after a one month hiatus. 
【ツ】 Going into PC Richards just to sit in their massaging

【ツ】Taking pictures of my hubby sleeping while we shop at Ikea.
【ツ】 Sharing a Captain America Coolata from Dunkin Donuts - yes we are
that addicted to this stuff that we needed to go big :)

【ツ】 Preview of my horrible haircut!

【ツ】 Cooking so much and having the battle scars to prove it! Ouch did that
burn hurt.

【ツ】 Being called a sad little person because I carry around a picture of my boyfriend calling
me on his cellphone - lol! Truth be said I am a dork and that explains the reason for
me running around the entire tri-state area trying to collect all of the 18 smurf toys
from Mcdonalds! I just need to get my hands on every single one of them I tell you!

【ツ】 Playing tourist in our own city.
【ツ】 Enjoying and having Central Park all to ourselves.

【ツ】 Laying down in the grass and watching the beauty of thunder! This is the
best picture I could take with my cellphone. Isn't it beautiful?

So you see we've been pretty busy, and I haven't even gotten to the food posts :)
Those need an entirely different and separate post.
Stay tuned because they are full of lots of yummy eats!

I've also been going wild with painting my nails, and my sisters and moms.
That's also an entirely different story, but I will leave you with a teaser of 
what my nails look like now :)

Jessy: Kary can you tell me what the weather will be like tomorrow?
Me: Why yes I can! It will be Sunny with a mix of clouds.

- with a small chance of rain and thunder -

:D What do you think? Can you guess what's going on with my nails?
What do you prefer to see first - the food posts or the nail post?

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo

P.S. I do apologize for the not so good picture quality, they were taken with my cellphone. I think
my camera just gave up and died on me!


  1. Following you from Surfing Saturdays. Would love for you to check out

  2. So glad Miguel's well enough to go back to Taekwondo.

    That burn looks super painful! I hope it doesn't scar!

    I love playing tourist in my own city! Gracie and I have talked about having a 'staycation' in Brisbane. Fun!

    Oh my gosh, I love your nails! Are they stickers, or did you draw them?

    Hmm ... I vote for nail post first! I just did a nail post myself!!

    x Jasmine

  3. Yes, but they were adorable pics. The smurf phone was awesome.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! That burn on your arm!! It makes ME hurt!! Burns are the worst!!!
    I LOVE your weather fingernails! Too cute!!
    And I think the haircut is super cute!
    AND I love that pic of the lightening!
    Beautiful! :)
    I love picture posts!

  5. Found you through Monkey Blog Hop and am following you! Please drop by neck of the woods sometime!

    Toni The Chic Momma

  6. Hehe looks like hubby must get that lounge (or is it a bed?) At least you know it's comfy :)

    I think you could work with your hair. Maybe you should use a hairband or something? It really doesn't look bad at all lovely.

    Such a gorgeous post of life. Your nails are so pretty. When we meet I will need to do nails with you. x

  7. That looks like fun! except that burn I always get burn cooking! and always have fresh ones!

    Oye que bien que tu marido se duerme mientras compras asi no se da cuenta de lo que gastas LOL!!ya nomas le dices mira lo que te ahorre!

    Your hair looks beautiful my Dear! We haven't had any rain here when oh when??

    ...and your fingernails adorable! I do wanna met with you and Gracie to do some nails!

    First day of school today! Thanks for the good wishes!

  8. Great site! New follower from the blog hop. Following you on GFC and Networked blogs. Please stop by my site and follow me back. I look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  9. Picture posts are my favourite!!! Especially when they are pictures of you my beautiful sister and my precious Miguelito :) Your smiles make my day every single time I see it in a picture whether on your blog, facebook or bbm :)

    How I long to be on those adventures with you and Miguelito! :)

    And your hair - your hair is so pretty!!! I LOVE your bangs and I love the volume. I hope by now you have also learned to love it, because it looks great! :)

    OMG! I had no idea about your burn :( Poor you!!! That looks SO painful :( But all in the name of love for your family!

    That lightening is so beautiful! I long for a good thunderstorm. It has been such a dry and hot summer here in Texas :(

    And really your blackberry takes WAY better pics than mine :) Remember? :)

    You're SO adorable with your smurfs (I hope you collect them all! Let me know if you have any trouble finding any and I can find you some here lol) and your nails!!! I can't get over how adorable they are!! You're like a professional :) Next time I come to visit you MUST do mine :)

    I cannot wait for your nail and food posts!!!! SO excited! :) I love you and love seeing your summer adventures!!!! :)

  10. p.s. how did you do those cuuuute smiley faces? teach me your blog secrets :)

  11. You take wonderful photo's! I love the sky..