Who will be the biggest loser?

Hi Loves :)
Happy Friday - I am SO excited about this post!!
Have you met my beautiful friend Elaine?
If you haven't won't you stop by her blog and say Hola!
Elaine is my darling and beautiful friend, she has two beautiful boys and loves to blog about
her everyday adventures with her beautiful family and other tidbits :)

She is also the girl behind the best idea ever!!!
 Something that will make you challenge yourself and push yourself harder then ever, and in
the process you might end up winning some cash :)

All those who participate will put down some money and at the end of the challenge
whoever loses the most weight will win all of the money in the pot!!

Start date: August 15,2011
End Date: November 15,2011
Winner Announced on: November 16,2011

Here are some of the rules:

1) In order to be an eligible challenger, you must submit $20/person which will be put in
the pot (to be kept by Elaine for the 3 month duration).

2) Monetary submission should be received by Monday, August 15.

3) Every Monday starting from August 15, your weight should be sent to Elaine so she
can keep track of it. Your weight should be sent in picture form, by sending a 
picture of the scale she can make sure that everything is correct and legit.

4) Your weight will be kept in confidence with her, and she will be sending out a progress
report every two weeks so that we can see how much weight everybody is losing and to keep us all
motivated to lose the weight and win the pot of gold at the end of the challenge.

5) At the end of the challenge, whoever loses the most weight (calculated from their beginning weight and subtracting their most current weight), will win the total of the pot.
So now the question is are you in or are you out??? 
Who will be the biggest loser in blog world??
Will it be you? :)
I of course have stepped up to the challenge and am so excited to start working my butt
off :) With so many things going on I fell off the wagon a little bit, and
I am so happy my girl Elaine came up with this challenge now!!
What better way to get motivated then a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Do let me know if you decide to participate :)
Kary xoxo


  1. I'm a new stalker!
    I follow you on GFC
    I hope you will follow back

  2. That is an awesome challenge. And it's a great way to stay accountable with each other too. Plus a wonderful incentive too!! x

  3. That is an awesome idea!! Unfortunately, I just have no motivation lately! haha.
    I'm trying to cut back on my Dr Pepper, but it just makes me want it MORE!!! haha.
    Good luck to you!!!

  4. first, that's a GORGEOUS pic of elaine and her babies! and second-- what a genius idea!!!!!!! i was just thinking i wanted to tone my curves up so i might gain the weight ha but still, joining the competition would give me will power wouldn't it? lol i adore you two girls!!! <3 and think that you are beautiful just the way you are.

  5. What a genius idea!!! Such a fun way to challenge ourselves and help motivate each other in the process. I have put on some weight in just the three weeks that my family was all together for Madeline's wedding! We ate good, we ate often and we ate ALOT! It felt good eating to my heart's content for once, but now I want to get it off from around my waist!!! I agree with Twinkie though - you're beautiful just the way you are! xo

  6. What a great challenge! I would join, but alas I am currently poor.

    I can't wait to see how it goes for you though! Not that I think you need it :)

    x Jasmine

  7. Good luck girl! I'm sure you'll rock this challenge!