Back to school as a 3rd grader

As we welcome Autumn we also welcome back the routine of school and other activities, oh and let me not forget Starbucks - Pumpkin Spice Latte & the Salted Caramel Mocha.
'Tis the season for yummy hot beverages :)
Anyway, I swear this Summer went by in a flash, the fastest ever!
I can't believe it's the beginning of another school year and my Miguelito is now a 3rd grader.

Miguelito ready for school :)
In the school yard
My Miguelito
Miguelito was so happy to go back to school, he gets to see his friends again and not go shopping with me anymore - lol! As we walked to school with our Miguelito  this morning and I gave my mommy chat - behave yourself, listen to the teacher, respect your peers and I love you, My throat started to close up and my heart started beating faster. My Miguelito, my little partner in crime was going back to school and I won't see him until later in the afternoon. I will miss our morning runs to Starbucks, our late night movie watching, and our summer adventures. But we welcome with open arms our new Autumn adventures - which will be full of many exciting and fun things! In the meantime we will count down the days to Summer 2012!

But now cheers for Autumn adventures and the beginning of a wonderful school year :)

Kary xoxo


  1. I do the mommy chat too...I guess we all do ah?? another thing why do kids hate going shopping?? mine do to I don't understand that!

    Best of luck to Miguelito as a third grader! xoxo

  2. That last picture is too sweet! You and your little guy will definitely have more adventures together!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Our baby is growing up into a handsome little man :) I LOVE those skinny jeans he's sporting :) So trendy! I just adore seeing the pics in the school yard because it takes me back to going with you to pick him up from school and him running into my arms so I could scoop him up! We had missed each other from being apart all morning long :) I'm so glad he started school on a Thurs and so you only had to go two days without your partner in crime to ease back into the fall routine. I am loving your boots!!! That last picture just melts my heart :) I hope Miguelito absolutely LOVES being a 3rd grader :)