Celebrity Stalking

 I love my sister Marz and darling Steph for SO many reasons, not only are they always there for me but they are fellow celebrity stalkers like myself :D If they lived here we would be the three musketeers and stalking celebrities would be our part time job!
 When Marz told me that her boyfriend Shawn Michaels A.K.A  The HBK would be in NYC today, I knew I had to go and stalk him, not only for my sake but by direct order from my sister -lol! I was instructed to tell him how much she loved him and adored him, and how the heartbreak kid broke her heart not so long ago! So I searched on facebook to see where Shawn Michaels was going to be and after finding out, I set out with my partner in crime - my mom, also a Shawn Michaels fan!

My mom waiting in line to see The HeartBreak Kid
Me waiting in line to see my sister's boyfriend :)
The tour truck where Shawn Michaels was hidden inside
Almost there!

After a one hour wait in which it got chilly and started raining, well actually pouring - we ended up buying an umbrella in the street because ours was warm and cozy at home! We finally got called to go into the tour truck - eeeeeekkkkk!! Can I just say I was so freaking excited and nervous to meet my sister's boyfriend, that when I finally had a good view of him I thought I was going to drop right there. Shawn is the sweetest guy and so patient with all of his fans, we were all allowed one picture each and an autograph on any one item, we were also given a free T- Shirt from the new hunting game he was promoting. 

Up first, my mom with The Heartbreak Kid
Me and The Heartbreak Kid
Shawn's autograph
 So, did you guys notice Shawn's smile in our picture? Yeah? Well I was squeezing his biceps!! God was that man strong and beefy :D I couldn't help squeezing his bicep - eeeeeekkkk!! My mom couldn't help laughing and saying how she didn't risk touching him. Overall Shawn is a very sweet guy, he was sweet enough to let me chat to him about my sister and her being his number#1 fan and how devastated she was, he said to say hello and lots of love to lovely Marz :D

It was a very fun experience that will last me a lifetime. Oh and notice my usual partner in crime wasn't with me, due to school. Well I need to add that he is very mad that I went without him, in his own words Miguelito: Mom, how could you? I love wrestling, I wanted a picture with The Kid too!!

So that was my day but instead of me ending it on a happy note I am very sad, I also found out that MY boyfriend Eric was here in NYC to promote his new movie Straw Dogs :( I tried my best to google and search where the premiere would be, but no luck! So close yet so far away, for now I have to console myself with a magazine that I received today, and getting to watch Eric on the big screen tonight at the midnight premiere of Straw Dogs :)

Kissing my boyfriends picture :D
Happy almost Friday loves and cheers to celebrity crushes!!

Kary xoxo


  1. One of those nice perks of living in NYC...I remember when I lived there just in a period of 3 months I met Julia Roberts crossing the street going the same way I was, Christian Slater in an elevator, etc etc

  2. Ah poor Miguelito that didn't get to met the guy :( but he has to go to school! look at you with that big smile on your face! besitos my sister! I hope when I go there Luis Miguel happens to just walk by :0

  3. I can't wait to see Straw Dogs! I love me some Eric Northman!

  4. I still can't believe you got to meet my baby yesterday! That would be the happiest day of my life. Oh Kary! I CRAVE to know what it feels like to be so close to him :) and flirty you squeezing his bicep, I would prob try and grab his butt just like I did with the naked cowboy in Times Square when we were together hahaha That's such a beautiful picture of my two favourite people!! Both your smiles are just gorgeous. It makes me so happy to know that he was just as sweet and nice and good looking in real life as I've always imagined him to be. I can only pray that one day I'll get the chance to have my pic with him just like you. It would be my dream come true!!! LUCKY.LUCKY.LUCKY! I'm SOOOO jealous! Your mom is just soooo adorable!! :) Being called honey by my man :) AHHHHHH!!!! Thank you for telling him how much I love him :) Oh if only he knew :) hehe I love that man SOOOOOOO much. Always and forever. Just like I love you xo

  5. Haha, that sounds like so much fun! I would love to come celebrity stalking with you and your Mum!

    x Jasmine