It's Thursday a day before Friday and I fell Bleh! It's raining and it's chilly outside, I have a huge headache and a lot of things on my mind! I am letting certain things and people get to me and other things that really need to get resolved A.S.A.P! I want to be a bitch and I can't, I want to be mean but I can't, I want to hit somebody - grrrrrrr!!! But instead I end up crying, which is something that I usually do when I'm frustrated - not good!! I wish I could let things slide off, that I wouldn't pay mind and act as if nothing ever happened. I'm really, really SAD!!!

  • A) My son is being bullied at school verbally, which is one of the worst kinds of damage! And what kind of bullying? He's being called names,one of them "Hey, you Mexican boy" That's bringing back so many horrible memories and it's leaving me feeling helpless! I went through many bumps in my life.I was called many things from Mexican girl to you latina or go and sell your oranges with your mama! Yes, oh and the most traumatizing event. That one time I was 13yrs old and I was on the bus with my 4yr old brother, 9yr old sister and mom. This older white couple got on the bus and they wanted to sit down. My brother and mom were sitting down and the couple started saying in English (they thought we didn't speak English) oh these Hispanic rude people, why don't they get that kid up so we can sit down and they started saying harsher words, when I told them to stop that I was understanding everything that they were saying. What happened next? well the man started hitting my leg with his briefcase and talking more about how rude we were. I suggested to my mom that we get off on the next stop and I remember how my little brother got off crying and my sister too. I was so red, i had to hold in my tears (as I type this I a crying my heart out) my mom didn't understand English and she had no real idea of what was being said, i only told her a little bit. And many more things happened as the years went by, and now that Miguelito is going through this I feel mad, the worst thing is the girl is Hispanic. Why is it that we do this to ourselves to each other?
    • B) Remember Miguelitos best friend Mason? I talked a lot about him and his family last year. Well guess what? His mom decided not to talk to me anymore. Why? Well Miguelito was having trouble with reading last year, so much so that I had to get him  a tutor. I decided for him not to have play-dates until he got better and she got mad that we weren't coming over to her house anymore. Really? She even screamed at me at there school about not being  a good friend because Miguelito wasn't coming over! I told her things that no one else knew and now she walks by me as if I don't exist! That hurts and I feel like slapping the crap out of her!!
This is just a short version of what is going on in my life right now and  wanted to let some of the steam out. Now I'm telling you girls some stuff I've never told anyone else before :)
I hope your Thursday and week is greater than mines!

Kary xoxo


  1. I feel so bad that you are have to go through this! and that it brings back those horrible memories. Unfortunately there are still people that look at others as colors :( (even if we are the same color)
    Go to the school and don't allow this to go on! makes me mad!

    ...and then some other people go nuts, people you care for and you consider your friends because of a misunderstanding!! you only want the best for your child I totally get that!

    ay ay ay! cry if it makes you feel better my dear and then go find a punching bag or something! I so wish I could give you a real hug right now!!

  2. Oh, sweet Kary, I will pray for you. No one EVER deserves such treatment and I hope it will be much better for you very soon. God is watching. :)

  3. ugh! people can be so horrible! i'm sorry you and your son have to put up with that!
    can you email your friend and explain things to her? if you've already tried, she's not worth your time, but maybe she doesn't really understand?
    as for bullying, i would tell the school! not sure what else to do. =\

  4. omigoodness i dont know what to say. I have no experience with anything like that, i mean i was caled 'duracell' and all those 'ginger' related names when i was at school but i can't say it affected me all that much, there fore i don't have any great words of wisdom.
    But you know you have all of us, and we are better friends than that woman could ever dream of being, even if we are a million miles away, so i would say screw her. Her child is the one that will miss out in life if she's treating his friends like that xx

  5. Awww I'm so sorry to hear about your son! That is so wrong, and you'd think in these days that people would be smarter than that. I'm so sorry!

    P.S. I changed my domain for my blog and wanted to let all of my Google followers know: :-)

  6. I'm so sorry Karina :(

    I can't even begin to imagine how horrible it must be to hear your lovely little boy is being bullied. Why are people so mean to each other?

    Have you spoken to his teacher about it?

    And why on earth is Mason's Mum being so rude? Surely the situation is easy enough to understand. It's not like you ditched her and her family or anything :(

    And I am SO sorry for the way you were treated on the bus when you were younger. You and your family are amazing, generous and kind people and it makes me sad to know that people have hurt and are hurting you. I wish I could be there to give you a big hug.

    x Jasmine