It's the simple things in life...

I've been so busy and missing blog world tremendously. Here's a few of the things that I've been upto.

❤ Cheering on my Humbe as he runs in races
We are counting down the days for him to run his third ING NYC Marathon
Only 22 Days left

 ❤ Going Pumpkin hunting
It's always so much fun trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving and eating :)

❤ Colorful fun foods
I've been trying to be creative with the way I present Miguelito's food so that he can eat. He is addicted to carrot & zucchini pasta, chicken & cilantro wontons from traders joe's, edamame, and hard boiled eggs. 

❤ Spending time with my mom & Miguelito
My mom & Miguelito enjoying something sweet on a beautiful Autumn day in front of Bethesda fountain in Central Park
Miguelito found a tree branch swing made just for him :)
We've been enjoying the beautiful weather in Central Park almost every single day. From walking around with my mom to going through the park every afternoon after Taekwondo.

❤ Celebrating my brother's 21st Birthday this past Monday
My sister Jessy and me with our brother Miguel (we call him JR) the birthday boy!
Three generations of Miguels :)
My family - they are my world!
I love birthdays especially when it's someone so close to me like my baby brother. I remember carrying him on my hip during snowstorms so he wouldn't slip and now he's 21 and in love with his soulmate!

❤ Light jogging around the reservoir in Central Park
My view every morning as I jog around the reservoir in Central Park
 I'm so happy to say that I am proud of myself because I am doing it! I am pushing myself every morning and as I finish my 3.5 miles every morning I feel alive, energized, and SEXY!!! Except in those above pictures where I'm wearing my workout clothes! I have a goal and you better believe me when I say that I will get there! Not only that but I am also training for my first race, more on that later and the music I like to listen to while I workout.
Now to get ready for a fun filled weekend which will be full of soccer, street fairs,family, Central Park and we get to see an early premiere of Johnny English Reborn tomorrow morning. So for now I will leave you with one of my workout songs :) 

 I love Shakira and a little secret this song makes me stop mid stride to do a little hip moving myself :)
Happy Friday Loves!

Love, Kary xoxo


  1. Awesome choice on Rabiosa!! LOVE dancing to it. My zumnba instructor is doing it next week..excited! You are running the NYC marathon? SO cool! BEst to you! That picture with MIguelito and your mom at the fountain is a good one. I have pictures there, too! Good job on the way you are presenting his food. Looks like he eats pretty healthy!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Good for you sticking to your exercise goals!! I'm proud of you. :) It's hard for me to stick to a plan when my schedule gets SO BUSY with work, babysitting, social stuff, etc. But I always feel better when I'm working out. Happy weekend, Kary!

  3. whooo for you to be sticking with it!!! Ugh - I've gotten really bad about figuring out how to maintain regular exercise with my schedule, but thats a pretty lame excuse when its my own body we are also talking about.

    It sounds like life is divine right now!

  4. rabiosa, rabiosa! yay for sticking to your exercise routine. si se puede si se puede!!!

    Your family is beautiful Kary! and those moments together lovely to cherish them...I know how you feel about your baby brother, I changed diapers on my baby sister and now she is expecting her fourth child! (esta si es Mexicana 4 down 8 to go!!!)

    Hugs my sister!

  5. Oh oh oh! I will have to find more songs like that. Shakira is definitely great for exercise :) I need more of that.

    I'm so proud that you are going on those runs. Feeling good about yourself is wonderful! xxx

    I also love that there are three generations of Miguels :)

  6. you go, girl! i need to get on that exercise bandwagon pronto!

  7. You are soooo lucky to have that view as you work out!!!
    Great photos!

  8. It looks like you've been busy! I can't believe how grown up Miguelito is looking since the last time I saw you two!

  9. LOL There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little mid-stride hip movement. Glad to hear you've been enjoying yourself and spending time with family. :)

  10. Three generations of Miguel's! How wonderful! And a big happy birthday to your brother! :D

    I love that you're getting out there and doing it. Together, on opposite sides of the world, we will become the fit, sexy women we know we are :D

    x Jasmine

    PS. You might want to check out my latest post ;)