13 People Your Scared Of On Facebook :P

Just a little Tuesday pick me up :)
A friend of mines sent me this via email and I was rolling in laughter, GQ did an article (in 2010) in which it talked about Eighteen people your scared of on Facebook. I picked the 13 that made me laugh the most!

    Have you ever been one of these? I know I have been - hehehe!
    Oh and I could also be "Girl that uses too many smiley faces" :P

    Karina xoxo

    P.S. You all rock!!! Thank you so much for your inspirational words, you girls motivate me every single morning when I'm feeling bleh! And I must confess, I did not get my 20 miles done last week :(
    But more on that tomorrow! Love ya!!!


    1. This is so funny. And, yes, I imagine I've been nearly all of these people at some point... and maybe "girl who uses asterisks to imply actions." *grin*

    2. These categories are way too funny...I know people that can fit into some categories...lol! I myself may be guilty...only a bit!

      hey I like your profile picture on pinterest, you look so innocent, I am not saying your not but you know what I mean right??

      kisses my beautiful sister!

    3. Hahah i love these.
      Don't forget to email me you pick of the bombay fashion bella collection prize (and shipping details)


    4. Ha! some of those made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Kary!

    5. Love this mid-week pick me up! These are too funny!

      Chic 'n Cheap Living

    6. haha thats funny. omg I know soo many people who publish EVERY detail in their life.. like, i don't care that you're having cereal this morning!

    7. haha this made me lol. Face book is so funny!

    8. Hahaha, hilarious!!

      I thought of specific people for almost every one of those!

      x Jasmine