Today is D-Day!!

Happy Sunday indeed :)
I was so heartbroken after the True Blood season finale :( What was a girl to do? What could a girl watch on Sunday nights? But no more worries! 
NYC oh so ready for Dexter!

My sexy boyfriend

Today is the season premiere of Dexter, my favorite sexiest, good - serial killer. Oh and not to mention my boyfriend! I am so excited and oh so ready! I have my shopping done for tonight's premiere, now all I need to be finished are my Dexter cupcakes :) Like I really need an excuse to whip up some pretty cupcakes.

Only thing missing? A pretty Dexter t-shirt or some other sort of souvenir. I really wish I'd ordered something for tonight's premiere like my beautiful sister Micaela's Dexter shirt. I will now have to buy something ASAP for the rest of the season. The problem now? To not go overboard with the shopping. I've been on Etsy for the past hour and am so in love with everything Dexter related.

Dexter Planner Datebook 2012 - Can somebody please buy me this?? :)

Victim hand painted blood splatter high heel - perfect for a premiere night. I could wear them with my pj's and Dexter shirt :P

So many awesome things, I want them all!!!
My cupcakes are calling me and we are just 3 hours away from Dexter - yay!!
Hope your D-Day has been awesome and your night is even better!

Kary xoxo

P.S. Can't wait to come back with details of some of the things we've been up to. I'm so happy to say I finally have my laptop again, after a one month stay at Geek Squad. More details to come.


  1. oh if only we could have watched *our* boyfriend together ;) ha because that would have made it TEN times better!!! your cupcakes would have just been the bonus ;)

    i LOVE that ring!!! love it! <3 and those heels-- awesome! i desperately want to be a dexter victim for halloween and those would go awesome, no?

    HAMMERTIME! ;) ha

    love love loveeee you!!! xoxo

    ps. ellen's etsy is AWESOME. she's soooo nice too!!! we can be twinkies :)

  2. Ooh 2 of my favorite shows darling! Eric is indeed easy on the eyes.

    Ooh that first Dexter pendant is so awesome! What will you get?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Yay, Dexter!

    Did you take photos of your cupcakes?

    x Jasmine

    PS. I'm having a giveaway!

  4. You DO Love Dexter huh?! :) Glad you have your laptop back.

  5. I have never heard of this series :( But Dexter looks pretty cute and if you bake cupcakes to watch the season's premier ...then it must be important. Glad you had fun!

    Xavi received his Birthday card! He says thank you today after school we will go to Wal Mart he had been saving for some Lego's (he had $1.60) yay now he has all of the money he is all excited!

    Hope you week is good my dear!

  6. This show is something I haven't seen yet and I always hear so much about it that I need to put it on my list of shows.

    By the way I have sent something your way so be on the watch for it. I will also have a letter for you soon too. xx