Four Day Weekend :)

Sometimes it seems like I just fall off the earth! But I'm ok and I'm back :)
I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am SO late right?
I have so many pictures from Thanksgiving and the days following Thanksgiving, so I'm just going to do a picture post :)
Picture overload coming up.

Thanksgiving Day Morning:
Snoopy up in the air :D
Greg Heffley from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Kermit about to get hit with that big sign!
PO from Kung Fu Panda
The main guy! The one to end the parade Santa Clause :) Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas
We woke up at 5:00am Thanksgiving morning. My boys and I got ready pretty quickly so we could go out and grab a good spot to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was all worth it once the parade started and the giant balloons started flying above our heads :) Oh, and the happiest news of the day my Humbe had the day off!

Thanksgiving Day Dinner:
Honey Turkey, stuffing which included glazed apples and raisins,mashed potatoes with gravy!
Traditional Mexican food, Pozole and tostadas topped with black beans, Mexican cheese and lettuce.
Three layer gelatin - flavors top to bottom: grape, peach, and blue raspberry.
Three layer milk based Mexican gelatin! Flavors top to bottom: walnut, strawberry, and eggnog.
 For Thanksgiving we always like to cook some traditional Mexican dishes and this year was no different. My pappa always cooks turkey at his job and so he's always in charge of cooking one for our house - hehe! So that's one dish scratched off our list. Aside from helping my momma cook our traditional food and learning the family secrets I am also in charge of desserts. Which always makes me happy :) I baked some cupcakes (a separate post to come soon, I'm a dork like that) and some gelatin! I have been craving jello like crazy! Seriously you would think I was pregnant. This was the perfect time to make some pretty jello.

For the water based jello I made three layers of some of my favorite flavors; grape, peach, and blue raspberry. For the milk based one I used a special mexican recipe and made it into a pretty three layered cake. I must say it was perfect! It wasn't to mushy and soft or to hard :) Yay for yummy jello!

 The Day after Thanksgiving:

Friday was spent sleeping in late, playing Nintendo Monopoly, eating Thanksgiving leftovers and catching a late show of Arthur Christmas! Perfect way too kick off the Christmas season, with a cute and funny movie which made me tear up :(..... I've been told to be a baby cry, I wonder why? hehe!

Hennessy - Colada, Texas Size
Pina Colada (virgin of course)
 Saturday was spent shopping and eating out with my sister and her boyfriend. I was told I was a bad mom for letting my child drink a pina colada? really? Whatever, I just deleted the comment from facebook and let it be. Yeah that's me letting people hurt my feelings without me saying anything. But I don't believe it to be true, but the comment did hurt my feelings. I swear I almost went bankrupt while shopping and most of my money went to Urban Outfitters :) Another post on the things I bought coming soon. Quick story: When I ordered my drink I told the waiter I wanted it Texas size, Miguelito was palying his nintendo and only overheard a little bit. Once my drink arrived he started whining that he wanted a drink like mines, I told him he couldn't drink from my drink but that I could get him his own, he said it wasn't fair. Conversation went something like this:

Miguelito: No fair mami, I do exercise, why can't I get a drink like yours.
Me: Miguelito what? What are you talking about?
Miguelito: I heard when you told the waiter exercise.
Me: ??? Huh?? Exercise?? What are you talking about papi, I didn't say exercise. But I almost spit my drink out when I realized what he was talking about. Miguelito I said Texas size, Not exercise!
Miguelito: Oh :P Texas size

One of the cutest movies ever!
Miguelito with some holiday cookies and our Christmas Tree

Sunday was perfect, Humbe was off again - yay! So we got to end our four day weekend together :)
We started our morning off by watching Hugo at the theaters. It is such a cute movie that should not be missed. We ate lots of yummy treats like Cream Puffs from "Beard Papa's" I couldn't wait to eat them that I forgot to take pictures. next time I promise. We cleaned and moved things around so that we could put up our Christmas tree :) Yay!!! I'm so happy to have it up already! We have vowed to make it a tradition to put it up on Thanksgiving day starting next year. I made sure to have it up and ready by 9:00pm so that I could catch the season finale of one of my favorite TV shows "The Walking Dead". We munched on pizza as I squirmed and squeled while watching my show. OMG! Sophia! Do I have any Walking Dead fans here?
Now I have to wait a grueling 2 months until I can see Sheriff Rick again - Sunday February 12,2012 to be exact :)

That was our four day weekend, full of lots of yummy foods, happiness and love with my beautiful family!
Now I can't wait to come back with pictures from yesterdays Winter's Eve at Lincoln Center, a good picture of our lil ole Christmas Tree and our DIY Advent Calender.
'Tis the season :)

There are only
25 Days 03 Hours 08 Mins 13 Secs
until Christmas.
But who's counting? :)

Kary xoxo


  1. You lucky lady! I so miss watching the thanksgiving day parade. Who doesn't love snoopy?
    Ooh and the food and desserts look delicious! My husband love good mexican food and I miss a lot of Latin foods outside north America. Luckily we found one good Mexican restaurant in Singapore (the chef is from cancun!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. I know I've told you this before but you are so lucky to live in NYC. That very same day as we watched the parade on TV, my husband and I decided we'll be there next year! And "la gelatina" se ve deliciosa!

  3. Thanksgiving in NYC sounds amazing! And guess what! You won the giveaway over at my blog! shoot me an email at randomnessfromtheaddiecorner(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize! Congrats!

  4. Al Xavi le hubiera encantado ver esos globos gigantes!

    I am sure that your turkey was delicious being your dad a cook!!! Ay chihuahua ese pozole se mira tambien delicioso!! My husband had the whole week off and so did the kids so we had a fun and relaxed time.

    Cuidate Kary y muchos saludos!

  5. Looks like a festive weekend! Awesome awesome that you deleted that comment...silly people!

  6. You have had a packed weekend! And you guys have been so busy. Don't worry about those hurtful comments. You even got him a different drink with out the alcohol. Silly person.
    I love The Walking Dead. Jason and I have only watched the first few episodes in the first season but we love it! Can't wait to watch the rest. xx

  7. I'm loving your christmas countdown!!!

  8. Can you send me some tostadas?? They are my favorite!!! omigosh porfavor!!