Halloween 2011

Yikes! Where has the time gone? 
Happy 1st Day of November!
So, how's everyone dealing with their sweet hangover? I'm eating all the little almond joy that I can dig up from Miguelito's loot and it's actually helping my tummy ache :)
Last night was a lot of fun and I'm so happy that Humbe was off from work and the two of us were able to take Miguelito Trick or Treating :) Well actually four of us, Jessy and her boyfriend Jesus met us halfway and you better believe we had a blast. The four of us plus Miguelito equals a crazy lil bunch!

Thor and his mighty hammer!
Miguelito got the wicked witch of the east with his hammer and left her unconscious.
Thor, is that really you?!? Let me see?
Miguelito with all of his loot! He was one happy child - money and candy! :) Next year I might have to go trick or treating myself :)

It was a fun night which started with Miguelito being really shy to go out with his costume, he thought we were the only ones going out early - early?!? It was already 5:00pm, I had to make sure he did his homework first. But after stopping by a few stores and seeing the other kids trick or treating, he was one wild child running from one store to another Ha! Talk about being worried or shy.
Everyone loved Miguelito's costume and people kept on stopping him in the street to take pictures of him, you better believe I was one happy mama hen! Now to plot for next year :) One thing is for sure, we will be doing a family theme!


  1. hehe what an awesome costume!! he looked like he had so much fun!!

  2. What an awesome Thor. I had a Thor as well. :) Gotta love those superheros! :)

  3. Sweet...I mean the candy and Miguelito's face!!

  4. i agree with clau's comment-- i have never seen a more cuter thor, EVER!!! his is my favorite costume of the year! i mean you can't help but have a touched heart when you see his smile <3 I LOVE HIM SO MUCH it hurts :)

    i am sooo happy that humbe had the night off and your whole beautiful family got to enjoy in some trick-or-treating! (ps. i would have been one of those strangers wanted a photo with thor! lol)

    save me the snickers!!! ;)

    ps. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY you were the 1st to sign up for the ornament swap! and your text? you are the sweetest girl i know, hands down. i love you more than all the stars!

  5. this is so sweet and LOOK AT ALL THAT LOOT!!!!!! aha!!

  6. awww, so precious!! kids really have a way of lifting the magic of halloween and i'm so happy that you and your family got to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather for halloween!! and look at that loot!

  7. What an adorable Thor! His smile is too much, I love it!

  8. Your little guy is too, too cute! I want to trick or treat too! Some day!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. that's a sweet costume he's got! no wonder people wanted to take pictures with him hehe can't wait to see what you will dress him as next year!

  10. I wish we celebrated halloween here in australia. It looks like so much fun

  11. See that's a fun and unique costume. hopped on by from Claire's blog!

  12. Miguelito looks wonderful! That is such a fantastic idea. I love Thor :) He looks like one happy boy in that last picture.


  13. Such a cute costume!

    I'm still waiting to see your costume ;)

    x Jasmine

  14. hey hun! don't forget to check my blog post from today, there's a SWEET surprise there for you! :D