Happy Happy Joy Joy

 Just a few things that have me happy today Tuesday and wanting it to be Friday already!!!

Snow White and the very Sexy Huntsman!!! My boyfriend from Thor :)

Eeeekkkk!!! This trailer gave me chills! I am SO excited and can not wait to see this movie!

Do you love when your favorite books become movies?
I do! I love getting to watch them on the big screen and not just playing in my mind. What's even more exciting is getting to fall in love with the people that play my favorite characters from the books.
So imagine my delight when the teaser for Hunger Games finally came out!

So.... Are you excited? Ahhhh!! I am and it looks amazing!

And now the Best for last!

Just 2 days left! 2 days!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! I am SO freaking exciting and I have my ticket already!
I've had it for 1 month already, yes! One month and now I'm just 2 days away from total craziness and getting to lust over Edward on the big screen! This promises to be one of the best movies from the entire series :P

Team Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday Loves

Kary xoxo


  1. I am actually quite excited about Snow White: Looks like a way awesome movie! As far as Breaking Dawn, can you believe I'm not a fan? I haven't even seen number two so I have to hurry and rent it to see it before Thursday because fan or not I'm going. My friend got us tickets like a month ago, too!! :)

  2. I just saw the snow white trailer the other day and it looks so fun! I'll definitely get to the theater for that!

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  3. Man I just still gota catch up on those series...and Harry Potter Mi esposo solo quiere mirar matanza y sangre...dice que como es fake es mas facil de reirse!!

    I am happy id you are happy my love!

  4. Ohhhhh you MUST share what you think about Breaking Dawn! :)

  5. kary, i am sooooo excited about breaking dawn coming up! now i just have to find some time to get away from the two little tykes and get the hubby to watch it with me! luckily, my hubby actually does LIKE the twilight saga so i won't have a problem with that!!!

    thanks for sharing the snow white trailer. i have been so out of touch with the world that i had no clue there was a movie to be made of it! and charlize theron as the evil queen? i find her swoon worthy so i am definitely keeping tabs on this movie!!!!

    kisses to you, love.

  6. Ohh I think that Snow White would be quite good. I adddoooore Chris Hemsworth. He's a hottie.

    Hunger Games is making me sooo excited.

    Haha and I'm watching Breaking Dawn just to see the the Hunger Games trailer, though I do want to see the movie too of course.

  7. SO excited for both of those movies! And like Gracie said, seeing The Hunger Games trailer on the big screen! :D

    I love it when my favourite books get made into movies. Especially when they match my imagination.

    x Jasmine