ING NYC Marathon 2011

Hi loves :) I've missed you all! I have so many things to blog about. First of all I am so happy that this is a short week. Miguelito had no school today due to Elections and Friday there is no school thanks to Veterans Day. Today we got to wake up early to go see a movie with my mom and than we got to spend the rest of the day at the Central park Zoo - pictures to come by the end of this week!

Last week was such a crazy busy week which led up to the best Sunday ever! It was Marathon weekend :) The days leading up to Sunday were full of fireworks, marathon expo, sign making, and lots of family time (which I love!) Oh and let me not forget an entire week of gall bladder pain, I kept praying that it would go away and that it didn't send me to the ER for emergency surgery. Can you believe that the pain is still there, oh so faintly but still there. It all started after the jogging around Central Park. I think it doesn't want me to run, and it has actually stopped me from doing so since last weeks Monday, but I will be going tomorrow, wish me luck! Ok now, where was I? Oh yes the Marathon, it is one of the craziest and most exciting events in NYC, so much excitement and cheering goes on. The entire city is paralyzed on Marathon day. It is just Amazing!
I do warn you that there is a mayor picture overload coming up :)

My mom, Miguelito and dad waiting to take the bus to the expo.
Welcome sign welcoming all the runners of the world!
Miguelito with a picture of one of the greatest long runners that existed! R.I.P Grete Waitz

 Night before the Marathon:

My baby doing a "Go Papi" sign for his daddy!
Finished sign :)

The big Day - Marathon Sunday:

Waiting by mile 24! We always wait there.
Miguelito ready for daddy with his sign.
The cheering squad!
Go Humbe Go! Go baby Go! Only 2.2 miles to go!!
Peace! Yeah! I did it!!
Admiring daddys medal
My daddy, Humbe, mami, and Miguelito.
Me and my boys! My <3
  Hooray! My Humbe completed his third Marathon :)
Cheers to many more to come! Including mines!

Happy Wednesday Loves!

Karina xoxo

P.S. I have once again changed my blog look and blog name :) and this time I am really in Love with the new look and blog name,


  1. I DO like your new name! Congrats on the hubs running a marathon. Maybe I'll run one someday...I so don't run but you gotta try everything in life, right! Glad you are back and safe ;) Missed you!

  2. Humbe's pic at the finish line says it all .. many congrats Kary yet again to you and your family on Humbe's accomplishment ..and I dig your blog's new title .. indeed such is life :)

  3. I'm sure you must be so proud of Humbe ;) What a wonderful effort! And I just love how you all got out there to support him!! :) x

  4. your husband is truly an inspiration! i have yet to run my first 5k, let alone a marathon!!! we can do it ;) i dream of the day me, you, and marianne will run the NYC one... promise to take me to magnolia straight afterwards?! LOL !!!

    i loooove miguelito's sign and the photo of him admiring his papi's medal. I especially love the photo of your sweet humbe with your parents and miguelito- i'm glad all of you could be there to cheer your runner! <3 warms my heart, especially since i know how much running also means to your daddy.

    ps. as you know from my email, I LOOOVE your blog name and header! it's PERFECT!!!! xo

  5. Yay! for Humbe and his third Marathon! That only shows that we someone sets a goal it can be accomplished. Take care of yourself and that pain. SO are you going to join him next year?

    I love you new title my dear! happens everyday!

  6. What a wonderful day! Way to go, Humbe! All of your pictures are so sweet. I'll be cheering for you when it's time for your marathon. :)

  7. First, congrats to your husband - he is a rock star and an inspiration! Second, Miguelito always looks like the happiest child and he must be so proud of his papi!

    Ooh love, love your new blog name!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. that sign from your son to your hubs is precious! so much love in every colour and stroke! i love it!

    hope you are feeling better friend!