It's the simple things in life...

Watching my boys cuddle in bed :)

Wearing glitter on my nails. Glitter rocks! Plus we all need sparkle in our life :)

Munching dinner at 11:25pm. Instead of getting ready for bed.

Receiving Happy Mail! Excited to receive my Ornament Swap Package from sweet Phoenix. Stay tuned to a special post about how we got spoiled rotten by this very sweet girl. Meanwhile you can check out what I sent her and what she sent me on her post here.

Buying these Flutter Frame Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. They have free shipping this weekend, plus 70% off most of their items online and in store - yikes! Cheers to spoiling myself :)

Cheers to an early Anniversary date with Hubby and him taking me to see New Years Eve tonight :) Movie and a dinner with my soulmate = Perfect Friday!

Happy Friday Loves!

Kary xoxo

P.S. Thank you all my sweet friends for your sweet comments on my last post. You are the BEST!!!


  1. I love simple things Kary! Like that yummy sopita! and of course yours and Miguelito's smiles! Happy Anniversary and enjoy your date with Humbe!

  2. Like your nail polish!! And I can't wait to see Christmas Eve..can't wait!!

  3. Ohh I love your nails! Sparkles rock!!

    By the way, you can still send mail to the adress I gave you. We will still check it regularly for a little while longer.

  4. I love your nails. They look beautiful. I think sparkly nails are a must for the season.

    I love that photo of Miguelito and your pup. So so sweet.

    Ahh so many lovely things happening. Dates with hubby, pretty packages. Can't wait to see what's in them.

  5. I just adore that picture of your boys :) I love them sooo much! I miss Miguelito (and you!) every single day!

    I wish my nails would look as beautiful as yours! I need to add some sparkle into my life :)

    Night owls unite!! It's midnight here and I'm snacking on cookies at my mother-in-law's house (love spending time with Philip's family!)

    I read Phoenix's post about your blog swap and it was SOO perfect!! You girls did such a good job picking out the perfect ornies for each other :) SO pretty and so thoughtful! I love Phoenix and glad you girls got matched up :)

    Happy Anniversary to you and your Humbe!!! I wish you many, many years of total bliss!! I can't wait to see New Years Eve! Looks soooo good! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary :) <3

    I love you Karina! xoxo

  6. Ojala que lo pasaste bonito con tu esposito. Cuantos años celebraron? yo luegito tambien celebro 18 añitos con Andres...pobrecito. Lo tengo un poco loquito, jaja.

    No se como paso tan rapido este año pero espero que esta navidad sea hermosisimo. Tan hermosas tus fotitos ;)

  7. Hey Karina!

    I'm following your blog... I love reading your posts. so happy you found my giveaway! read your profile info, we seem to like very similar things :) Sending your package soon!

    marsinah (blushing pearl)

  8. Kary my sister! I am glad you liked the card! Did you get the package from Amazon? muaahhhh!

  9. Love these photos! How cute are you and Miguel? Adore!

    Love your sparkly nails too ;) I'm rocking turquoise nails at the moment, with holographic sparkles on my ring finger nail!

    x Jasmine

  10. it really is all about the simple things in life. i am giggling thinking of manhattan and the way he would growl at us haha and how he finally started to warm up to us when we were leaving. lol it's because he's so protective of his miguelito and he saw how we wanted to constantly pounce on him with cuddles! Lol

    YES to always needing sparkle in our life!

    my kind of girl... munching at near midnight lol oh if only we lived close to each other! we'd be eating and laughing and shopping every day and into the wee hours of the night (night owls unite!)

    I STILL can't get over how perfect you and Phoenix were together!!!! both of you did an INCREDIBLE job at spoiling the other. in my 3 years of hosting the swap, yours is my favorite because you got each other so "spot on." beautiful!

    those flutter frames? SO YOU!!!

    i can't wait to see "new year's eve!" movie dates with my husband are my favorite. i couldn't think of a better early anniversary date! :)

    LOVE YOU!!!!