Love Thyself!

It's always so easy to judge one self, and find imperfections. Yet if they ask me what it is that I like about myself  I either shrug my shoulders or just say I don't know. 
I always feel so self conscious. No, I am not happy with my body and I have serious issues with myself.
I always feel fat and lack lots of self confidence.

But now instead of being so hard on myself I thought I'd focus on something I love about me :D

My smile is a reflection of my happiness and it reminds me that I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends. I am always smiling because I am a happy person and I Love my life!

What's one thing that you love about yourself?

Beauty is only skin deep.
- Thomas Overbury


  1. hahahah is this in response to my facebook message.
    FINE. I'll try to get your smile right. And its true your smile is GORGEOUS.
    As is your entire freaking face. How did you get so lucky?! And your hair.
    And I'm digging the body too (if I can be so bold) and don't see WHY you arent.
    but I get it. Cause I'm totally the same way too.

  2. Oh Kary, I know just what you mean. I am constantly berating myself for the extra few pounds I've put on. I'm trying to get over that and be healthy and happy, but it's a daily struggle.

    I really like my green eyes. When I smile, they light up. I should smile more often, huh?

  3. I love your smile too hon!! I never show my teeth :(

    ... it's so much easier to name things you don't like about yourself.

    Let me see one thing I like about me lips.

    besitos my hermana en NY!!!

  4. You have a lovely smile! :) I think my smile's one of my favorite things about me too... and everyone else, for that matter. I'm doing a Bible study with some girlfriends called "So Long, Insecurity" by Beth Moore that I've really enjoyed so far. It's helping me work through a lot of my insecurity issues. :)

  5. Kary that is a wonderful way of looking at things. I think your smile is beautiful. It is really infectious and I'm sure I will be smiling a lot with you :) Can't wait to see that smile in person!

    Hehe. Glad you like the video :) I think we all have things about ourselves that we pick on but it's important not to dwell on them too much or then we will make ourselves even more upset. love u x

  6. i love your smile too :) i hate my teeth, i even have a false one at the front :( I feel like my body is getting old, i walked a lot this week because of the snow, and my body hurts. This the body that has taken me up the highest mountain in England. Its getting older. I've decided to walk more to try and beat the hurt haha

  7. I miss that beautiful smile!!!! Your smile really does light up the room :) And luckily since you're such a happy person you are always smiling :) I love your smile and your sexy, sexy lips!! You are truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Beautiful on the outside and inside. And just like you and almost every girl has said: it's hard to say what we like about ourselves :( I think I like the shape of my eyes. They have just a hint of the Asian slant and really show my ethnicity that I'm proud of :)

  8. You do have a great smile! I love my eyes. I hope that they are expressive and warm!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. And what a beautiful smile you have!!! You should know how kind and sweet that you are!! You would not have so many blog or twitter 'friends' if you were not the amazing person you are x

  10. You definitely have a contagious smile. Every time I see your smiling face, I smile too. You are beautiful.

  11. I think you have a beautiful smile too! But then again, I think you are beautiful! Inside and out! :D

    I love my smile and my eyes :)

    x Jasmine

  12. You are beautiful my dear! And that smile! Oh yes it sure is a stunner alright!