Self Portrait....

What I look like when I wake up in the morning
 Obsessing over... Channing Tatum and The Vow. I can not wait to see it Friday morning when I go on a "me" date :D

Thinking about... some very happy news that I received yesterday! I am SO excited and overwhelmed with joy!!. 

Anticipating... March :D I get to hug two beautiful girls from blog world! Sweet Faiza & Erin :D I am so excited!

Working on... my valentine day cards. Such a procrastinator!

Listening to... Adele - Set Fire To The Rain. I can't get enough of this amazing lady and her incredible voice and songs.

Eating... Marshmallows, I have a serious marshmallow addiction going on right now. I can't stop eating them.

Wishing... that I would stop over thinking things. I wish I had some sort of off switch on my thoughts that keep on spinning inside of my head!

Now for a fun giveaway to help you get through this week :D
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Kary xoxo


  1. AH messy hair...I love it!! remember during the summer when I asked who would be willing to do the messy hair contest over at my blog?? you and Miguelito were the only two willing!! I love you guys for being brave!! Girl you been busy with that list the marshmallow eating sounds fun and de-stressing besitos!!

  2. You are SO GORGEOUS when you first wake up! How do you do that?!!

  3. I agree - you look lovely.
    PS i love Channing Tatum too!!!

  4. Beautiful picture!!

    Let me know how the movie is!! I love Rachel McAdams!

  5. You are ridiculously cute! :D

    I'm intrigued about the news you heard ;)

    x Jasmine

  6. Your hair has such awesome body! I am so happy for your prize and for the weekend (exhausted!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living