We are the Champions!

We are the Champions!!
We knew all along that we'd be celebrating!
Wooohoooo!! Yeah!!! :D We won, we won, we won!!  (Special dance for my girl Mrs.Phoenix) Shaking my booty!! :D
It was such a fun night full of family & friends, yummy food, lots of screaming and trash talk with
Phoenix - A special shout out to you my friend, you made my night extra special :D
There was a moment where I almost started crying, but we made it!

Mini cakes filled with Strawberries
NY Giant Cupcakes
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comeback later to check out and see if you were the winner of the GLAD Giveaway! :D
Update: The GLAD Giveaway winner is Mellissa Rose! Congrats sweet girl!

Kary xoxo


  1. WE WONNNNN!!! Its a great feeling!


  2. i want a Giants cupcake! :) it would have been so much fun to watch the Super Bowl with my festive NY family (how adorable is your Dad in his hat?!) What a GREAT win for you guys!!! i thought for sure if anyone could win a game in less than a minute it would be THE Tom Brady but oh how the mighty sometimes fall... ;)

    i am SO HAPPY for your Giants, even if they beat my Cowboys :P lol just kidding, what an awesome win! one that surely needed lots of dancing, indeed. I love you beautiful sister!!!

    omg, how did i miss your awesome "green" giveaway?! i love that you involved migueltio and showed him first hand what he can do to help our planet. I LOVE it! and cheers to the lucky winner. xoxo

  3. Go NY! I didn't get to see the game, but it's nice to win ;)

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  4. I was going for the Giants in honour of my NY blogging pals!!!

  5. so glad we got to know each other well enough to call each other names. hahaha!

    lots of love sweet girl!