The Cupcake ATM

Yes! Somebody has finally used their head and made one of my dreams come true :)
Sprinkles Magic Cupcake ATM
A cupcake ATM! Say what?!? An ATM that will dispense pretty, yummy cupcakes instead of money?
Yes, yes the rumors are true and Candace Nelson the founder of Sprinkles and the judge of one of Food Networks most yummiest shows "Cupcake Wars" has come up with the sweetest idea ever!

The Cupcake ATM
So imagine it's late night, like 2:30am and your walking around zombie like craving some cupcakes, yet all of the bakeries are closed and your (me in other words) just too lazy to bake some cupcakes all you have to do is walk up to the Cupcake ATM and put your credit card and out pops a perfectly, yummy cupcake! Gah, I'm jumping for joy just thinking about it!
And what's making it even more surreal and exciting is that one of these magic ATM's will be installed in my hood! 
The Upper West Side!!
 I can just imagine all these coming Summer nights when Miguelito and me allow our night owls to come out and our cupcake hunger starts to take over us! We shall just walk over to "our" magic ATM and enjoy one of life's many pleasures!
"When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile"

What's your dream ATM?

Kary xoxo


  1. omg this would be perfect!! i'd worry they were fresh though? how long are they in the machine before you get them...hmmmmmm

  2. I read that in the newspaper yesterday! (yes I read the newspaper Sophia has to do a current event report every Friday) How awesome is that..People are creative! Kisses my dear!

  3. this is soo freaking awesome!!! and so screams your blog name!! ;)

  4. Wow! What will they thing of next? I would love a cupcake ATM.

  5. I love this idea!! I wonder how often they change the cupcakes around to keep them fresh?

    x Jasmine