Life update.....

❤ Miguelito enjoying Taco Bell's new Dorito Loco Taco Shell :) I've never seen my child eat more than 2 tacos and lick his fingers like a madmen!

❤ Visiting the newest arrival to our family. My cute little nephew Vinny and Miguelito's cousin.

 ❤ I was at my aunt's house and like I was her first niece she spoiled me rotten and took tons of pictures of me when I was little. She gave me some of the pictures to keep!

❤ Watching while Miguelito washes his plate and still thinks it's fun. I wonder how long this will last? :)

❤ Gah! I've never seen something so magnificent as my Hunger Games Mug! When filled up with hot liquid flames come out to show Peeta & Katniss covered in them :) Miguelito keeps nagging me about having Peeta facing us, when he's home he will turn the mug so that Katniss is facing us - hahaha!
 The mug is currently on our bookshelf with Peeta facing me :)
Only 7 Days 9 Hours 38 Mins Left!
May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor...

❤ It's been a really stressful week in so many levels and this is the first time that it is getting to me in the way that I've been crying myself to sleep for three nights in a row, and to top it all off I am not enjoying the horrible Raccoon eyes that I am carrying around and the fact that people think that I look horrible and sick!

❤ Can't stop listening to this song!

Kary xoxo


  1. Kary, I pray that life will bring you relief and joy very soon so you won't have to feel/look like a raccoon, although I think you're beautiful all the time. And the pictures of you as a child? Miguelito looks SO MUCH like you! xo

  2. Oh my Dear Kary! Sometimes it is best to leave things to God. He knows what is best and he surely will comfort you in any way you need! I will say a prayer for you. I send you my love.

  3. my goodness, a dorito taco shell? that sounds kind of amazing...

    sending good vibes your way & hope you feel better (& less raccoon-y) soon! x

  4. sending you a big hug with my arms wide open. from my heart to yours i hope that this coming week brings you rest and easier nights. love.

  5. So sorry to hear you've been having a hard time, Kary. Crying yourself to sleep is no fun...

    Hope you're feeling better since you wrote this. Let's meet for coffee and a treat of some sort later this week, shall we? Friday or Saturday maybe? I'll be in your neighbourhood!

  6. I'm still amazed at the Doritos taco shell!

    That Hunger Games mug is amazing!!! How cool!

    Even with your apparent raccoon eyes, I still think you are beautiful. I hope you find a way to release your stress :)

    I love you my sunshine!

    x Jasmine

  7. Awww, look how small Vinny is :) Cutest little one!

  8. awwww i hope you are ok, you have so much to be thankful for but i know sometimes it dosent feel that way :(

  9. My lovely I know things have been tough and crying so much is not great. I send all my love, prayers and thoughts. I wish I could give you a real hug.

    Your Miguelito is adorable. And I adore your mug :)

  10. Karina

    Solo pasando para decirte "no hay mal que dure cien años" solamente se siente asi...sigue adelante y ya luego te sentiras mucho mejor. Cuidate mucho :)