It's the simple things in life...

❤ Enjoying some whole grain blueberry pancakes.

❤ Spending time with my baby always makes me happy!

❤ Snacking on some trail mix in between lunch and dinner.

❤ Cooking Kale for dinner.

❤ My "Do I really have to eat Kale" face - Ha! I'm just a real dork who likes making silly faces :)

❤ Stopping by 96th Street & bumping into The Cupcake & Bicycle from Cupcake & Bicycle blog!

So, that's how my week went by. Eating healthier, getting my 3.32 miles done every morning (except Monday, due to me still being sick), spending time with Miguelito and helping him prepare for his last week of State testing for the year - woohooo!!!

Now  to get ready for another big step for my Miguelito. 
His Communion is next Sunday - May 6th!
 He has a retreat tomorrow and Soccer in the afternoon, Sunday we will go to Church and spend time with my parents afterwards (which is what I LOVE to do most). Then we will begin a new week where we will say goodbye to April and welcome in May - so fast!

Gah! Not to mention that I still need to buy myself a dress and Miguel's Communion suit! 
I am sure to cry when I see him all suited up :D

 Happy Friday my loves & and wishing you an even happier weekend!

Kary xoxo


  1. LOL @ the kale face. I'll be praying for Miguelito's communion. What a special event!

  2. We have kale growing in our garden. Come on up and we can pick it fresh for dinner every night!

    Your snack looks delicious. I love roasted almonds and dried cranberries to snack on. I had some on the plane when we flew to NYC... Hard to believe it's over a month ago now.

    Miguelito will be so handsome in a suit. And I can't wait to see the dress you pick!

    Here's my list of simple/happy things:

    And now I'm off to bed. Good-night, sweet friend!

  3. I don't even think I've tasted kale but I think I will because I need to start eating better. It's been shocking lately.
    How exciting that Miguelito's Communion is coming up. I'm sure you will find an amazing dress and Miguelito will looks so handsome in his suit. xx

  4. I love your "Do I really have to eat kale face?"...lots of veggies querida! Can't wait to see pictures of Miguelito and his special day! Lots of bendiciones your way.

  5. I never tried that kind of pancakes :) What a shame!