“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Time goes by way too quickly sometimes!
 I remember chatting and sending emails back and fourth with Erin from Pugh's News, planning our meet up when she came to NYC - That was about 5 months ago when she first told me that she was coming to to the Big Apple and that her hotel would be only 4 blocks away from me :) I was over the moon!!
 It's so exciting when you finally get to "meet" someone in person after reading their blog and sending each other some happy mail.
Erin & me enjoying some yummy lunch at Chipotle! Happy to be together :)
Erin & Miguelito by Columbus Circle in front of Central Park
 I was happy to finally get to hang out and hug the sweet girl who loves tea, You've Got Mail and her beautiful family so much!
Erin is such a sweetheart and oh so very beautiful! 
We were able to spend 2 hours together on Sunday afternoon and all of Monday morning together, just before we had to say goodbye :(
Oh. and did I mention that I am the luckiest girl because not only did I get to hug her and hang out with her but I got to meet her beautiful mom & sister Amanda. They are the funniest and sweetest girls ever! 
They even convinced Miguelito to choose Victoria, BC Canada over Disney World - something to do with Whale watching (eeekkk! I got chills just by writing that) lol :)
Once again I am shown just how amazing blog world can be and all of the beautiful friendships that are made.
I will be coming back with a post full of pictures from our time together and a story of how my darling friend helped me score a $100.00 gift card to go shopping for new clothes!

I am missing my dear friend very much and can't wait to skype very soon!

Kary xoxo


  1. Love you, Kary!

    Can't wait for you and Miguelito to start planning that trip to Victoria!


  2. i'm so pleased you got to meet! We looked for apartments to rent in NYC with our friends last week, but we got confused haha, so we need togo back to it soon and have another look, but we havent given up!

  3. Oh it's so wonderful that you girls were able to meet :) I'm so excited to see the photos! It makes me even more excited to go visit you!! x

  4. How exciting that you two were able to meet! Meeting blog friends is such a great experience! :D

    x Jasmine

  5. It makes my heart SO happy to see you and Erin and Erin and Miguelito together!!! :) Your beautiful smiles make my day! I am SO glad you girls got to spend time together and it makes me remember our time together! Can you believe that's been a year ago???! :( It's so great when blog friends meet in real life. Our own experience of that is one of the most beautiful memories of my life! I love you and miss you every day! xo