FitBlogNYC 2012

Greeting sign at the entrance.
It's officially been three days since I attended Fitness Magazine's Meet & Tweet Blogger event at the Metropolitan Pavilion and let me tell you I am still on cloud 9!
This was my first blogger themed conference that I  attended, and it couldn't have been any better! A room full of strong confident woman who believe in fitness and a healthy lifestyle?! 
It still feels so surreal that I was a part of this incredible event especially during this moment in my life when I am on a mission to be the fittest that I've ever been :) 
Hopefully one day I can be a part of #TheFitFluentialTeam

It was a day full of amazing speakers, lovely bloggers, yummy snacks, and testing out new products. There are no words for me to fully explain how incredible this day was, and what was even more perfect was the fact that it took me out of my comfort zone. You see, I can be a wallflower sometimes and the night before as I chatted with my sunshine about how nervous I really was and how I almost didn't sign up for that reason (Gasp! Say what?? I know right, imagine missing out on this event for such a silly reason) she told me I would have a blast and that I would meet the loveliest of friends.
She was right! :) Thank you my Sunshine!!

Now to let the pictures do some of the talking:
(Major picture overload)

Taking a picture with Mia Hamm.She is SO sweet, it was exciting getting to meet her in person after watching her play many soccer games on television. I even got a mini Soccer ball signed for my Miguelito.
To: Miguelito From:Mia Hamm
Trying out the perfect pair of Birkenstock's with Tiffany from the Birkenstock table. P.S. These might have been a part of an awesome swag bag that we got at the end of the day :)
Meeting these two lovely bloggers Nicole & Christy. I loved our little group and can't wait to meet up again :)
Yummy healthy lunch, including the yummiest lemonade ever! Might I mention that this was the first drop of juice that I've had since I stopped drinking juice about 4 months ago :)
A gym to street fashion show.
My favorite look! I fell in love with those New Balance workout capris, and am on the hunt for a pair.
My second favorite look. Don't you just love this tribal print - Gah, it's amazing!! If anyone knows where I can get this pair, do let me know ASAP :)
Photo: Steven Meyer (Fitness Magazine) Listening to these four fabulous FitFluential ladies talk about "How to turn your blog into a business". Kelly Olexa, Carla Birnberg, Julie Fagan and Tina Haupert gave some awesome advice.
With Reign Hudson (the kick ass trainer) from KiwiSweat after the Tabura class she taught us.
By the end of the day I was one sweaty hot mess but is was so worth it!
Fitness Magazine's Blogger Meet & Tweet Blogger event was AMAZING & I'm really looking forward to next year's event!

Sneak Peak of the amazing swag bags that were given to us at the end of the event:
Can you guess what's inside? All I can say is that it was incredibly heavy and once it was opened the goodies wouldn't stop spilling out!
Stay tuned to a swag post and one full of tips that were told to us at the FitBlogNYC conference.

  Thank you SO much Fitness Magazine, Samantha Pepi, NMS strategies and all of the
Reebok, Birkenstock, Oakley, Sun Maid, KiwiSweat, Go With The Grain, Pure Protein, VICHY, Camelbak, Schick, Camelbak, V8.
For FitBlogNYC 2012!!

Kary xoxo


  1. wow that would have been so motivating!!!

  2. It looks like such a fun event Kary! It is great that you got to meet other lovely bloggers, work out, and get some great swag!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. I knew you would have an amazing time and I'm so glad I was right! It sounds like an amazing day! Lucky, lucky, lucky girl!

    Did Miguel like his signed soccer ball? SO COOL!

    I can't wait to see what was in your goodie bag - it's so huge!

    x Jasmine

    PS. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new layout. It's so cute and SO you!

    x Jasmine

  4. sounds like fun! i think i'd be nervous going to a blogger event, like being back at school looking at all the cool kids lol

  5. Kary this sounds amazing. I can see that this made you feel fabulous and you are really happy :) I'm so glad you are motivated and able to be part of this. Keep running lovely. x