Happy Birthday Soul Mate!

My Humbe when he was a little boy. In his Ecuador :)
On a day like today some years back my Soul mate was born!
Who knew he'd travel half across the world and marry some spoiled rotten girl - me :)
I am so grateful and blessed to have this wonderful man by my side, someone who completes me in every single way, spoils me rotten, gives me foot rubs every single night, loves me for who I am and is one of the greatest fathers ever (aside from my daddy being #1 - :D )
Humbe is my love, my everything and my lobster!

 True love is not about the hugs and kisses, the 'I love you's' or the 'I miss you's', but about the chills that hit every part of your spine when you think about him.

My boys!
Us a few years back, about 6!
Wednesday - May 23,2012 after Miguelito's Ballet show :)
Wishing my hubby a very Happy Birthday & May he be blessed with many more years!
Feliz Cumpleanos mi amor!

Kary xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby. Love that photo of him as a little boy!

    Hey, isn't it Micaela's husband's birthday today, too? What are the chances of that?

    Big hugs from the other side of the continent, dear friend.

    PS: I love the new look of the blog!

  2. that first photo of him is priceless!! happy birthday to your love :)

  3. Happy Birthday to him. You guys are so cute!

  4. I love your adorable family!! Happy birthday to your wonderful husband!

    x Jasmine

  5. Happy happy birthday to your hubby! I think you have a wonderful family and that photo of Humbe and Miguelito when he was little is adorable. I hope you celebrate many more years together. x

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    Have you ever been to this store? It looks amazing!

    x Jasmine

  7. Happy {belated} birthday, Humbe!