Believe in yourself - Trust the process!!

My munchkin at his last Publishing Party of the year!
Woot!! What a morning :) 
First I went to Miguel's school for this years final Publishing Party, afterwards I ran home to get dressed and get my run on in this crazy hot weather!

Let me tell you, I had to kick myself various times to get myself out of the house. I kept saying excuses in my mind, like it's to hot, or just rest! But I rested yesterday! 
My willpower won in the end because I knew that my day would not be complete without me hitting the pavement!
There's no other feeling like running by yourself, listening to your feet hit the ground accompanied by your pumping music and just letting your thoughts run free.
Seriously I never feel that free as when I'm running!
So I put on my suntan lotion, drank a little water and made sure to use my asthma pump before I left the house.

#proof  I made it home in one piece! :)
Let me tell you it wasn't easy, the heat was a killer. I literally felt like I was walking on fire and I had to drag myself the last half mile! But I did it!! And I really couldn't be any prouder of myself, there were very few runners out there and by few I mean like 6 passed by me and there were times that I would be the only one. Very proud to have been one of the brave souls to run out in today's heat :)

SO remember the only one that can stop you is YOU!!
No excuses & No pain no gain!!

Now for a quick weight update :)

June 22,2012 -  Woot! :) I've officially lost 5 pounds and inches! You can check out my previous weight here
Just the other day I went shopping for new pants because my old pants are loose already!
I went down from a size 14 to 12 already :)
Post coming up soon about some of the cute items that I bought, including a pink pair of jeans!
Not to mention that I feel so light & SEXY!!
 Oh and my running time has gone down 7 minutes. I was running 3.32 miles in 54mins and now I'm doing 47mins. Except today, I blame the hot weather and my asthma.

I am a very motivated and happy gal!!

 Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going.

Happy Friday my loves!!

Kary xoxo


  1. You are amazing! So proud of you for sticking wit hit! I think are braver than me in this heat. I was just looking at treadmills yesterday because it's getting almost too hot outside to do any serious workouts. Happy Friday!

  2. You go girl!!! I am SOOOO proud of you and am beaming from ear to ear right now in sharing the joy of your success!! You motivate me sister! Running is not easy, especially running in the heat!! At times I feel so defeated after only a couple of minutes because the heat is so draining! But you're right - you just have to go out there and do it! I have to mentally psych myself up to go run some days, but it's so worth that feeling you described so perfectly: Free!!! You look AMAZING! Keep up the good work babe! One day we'll run together in Central Park and I can't wait!!!

  3. You said it! No pain no gain!! I am very proud of you my pretty sister! It's great when we do something for ourselves to feel better and sexier like you said!

  4. Ohh yay Kary. You are doing so fantastic :) You have great motivation to go and run in the heat. I would never do it. I can barely go to the gym when it's hot. Keep on going because you are doing so well. x

  5. It sounds like you're making great progress on your weight loss goals...I"m super impressed that you braved the heat and squeezed in a run!