Every runner needs a great pair of running sneakers!

In order for you  to run well and comfortably, you need a good pair of running sneakers. I learned that a long time ago, the hard way! Let me tell you it wasn't pretty - ewwww!
Remember that your feet are very important, they carry you around all day and they deserve to be treated kindly. So where do you buy the perfect pair of running buddies? There are a few stores where you can buy proper running shoes, Jack Rabbit or Run By Foot Locker to name a few. I prefer shopping at Super Runner's Shop.
  In either of these stores you can run on a treadmill so they can check and see what kind of running shoe is perfect for you, or if you rather not run on the treadmill your feet are still
"inspected" to help find the perfect shoe for you, whether it's lightweight, neutral, or stability.
I always need a sneaker that has good maximum support, a good arch support - due to my slightly flat foot, and that's wide instead of narrow. There was a time when I was a Saucony girl, that all changed the moment I met the ASICS brand, not only do they help my feet not look humungous but they offer me the perfect support, which means no feet pain at night :)

 These are my babies, my running buddies. They join me in the mud, rain, dirt, and pavement. They help me strive during the hardest of my morning runs, my ASICS Women's GEL GT-2170.
I bought them about 3 months back and I love them! Also loving that they finally made them in pink instead of blue!

So remember treat your feet right, we owe them a lot! Even if you think that running shoes might be a little bit pricey! Mines cost me $111.00. Remember that it's just one of those investments that are really worth it in the long run :) Plus your feet will thank you!

So if you don't have some proper running shoes, what are you waiting for?!? Run and buy some!

Do you have running shoes?
What brand?
Where do you buy them?

Kary xoxo


  1. Those shoes look great Kary. And good supportive shoes are important for running and other exercise. I have a pair of Asics as well (kids size because I have such small feet) but they are great. I went to a shop called Athletes Foot because they use that machine where you walk over it and can find the best shoes for you. My old shoes gave me cramps and pain in my feet because they weren't the right ones for exercise. x

  2. Those sneakers are so cute! I love bright stuff, it encourages me to want to actually workout! This is gross, but I actually had a pair of sneakers from high school up until 2 years ago that I wore. It was more for the sentiment than for the support! And they were beyond smelly!! I have heard of that store, I think we have something similar in bergen county, in jersey. I may have to splurge on my next pair!

  3. I am SO jealous of your running shoes!!!! SOOO pretty!!! I've been needing a new pair for awhile now, but I want to go to a store like you were talking about that actually checks to see what kind of shoe and support works best and they don't have any here. I'm hoping to go when I'm in Dallas for July 4th! The best running shoes I have ever had have been ASICS! I love them! I think the kind you got might be perfect for me because our foot is very similar (we're such sisters!) The price tag is so steep! But you're right - worth it in the long RUN! haha love the play on words :) Can't wait for our run in Central Park some day! I'm SO proud of you Kary!! :) You look AMAZING!!! You motivate me love! xo