Happy 1st Day Of Summer 2012!

 Happy 1st Day Summer!
Today was one of those unexpected days where you just end up going with the flow.
 Miguelito had a school trip but it was cancelled due to the very intense hot weather that we have today in NYC! We were in the upper 90's, yet it felt/feels like in the 100's. Anyways, the school called this morning to say that the trip to the park was cancelled, so what was this momma to do? 
But play hookie with her son :)
Yes, yes I'm that kind of momma that believes in hookie days with her son! I'm a bad ass like that - ha!
We would have gone to the beach but the call came in to late, so we ended up going to the movie theater instead. After watching Madagascar 3, we stopped by Pinkberry and got a chocolate frozen yogurt with tons of yummy fruit toppings (please, go to the pinkberry page and listen to their song. Doesn't it ROCK and make you want to jump around with some of their frozen yogurt in hand) I must mention for those of you who don't know, I do NOT eat yogurt! Today my munchkin forced me to try his frozen yogurt and Omge, I can't believe that I've been missing out on this! :) It was heavenly!!
 We than thought we'd take a nice 5 mile walk down by Riverside Park. Talk about hot! Even down by the Hudson River we couldn't feel the breeze. It was still so nice to feel the suns warmth and to smell the grass, I love when it's freshly cut and watered because it smells like watermelon.
At one point we had a nice picnic under a big  tree and shared some of our snacks with the birds that chirped around us. 
It was a wonderful and perfect way to welcome in our first day of Summer.

Picture taken in Coney Island 2011! Can't wait to go back.
  Cheers to Summer 2012!!!
Wishing you all a wonderful Summer.

How did you celebrate the 1st day of Summer?

Kary xoxo


  1. Happy Summertime! I have a week left of work and I am so excited about the long, lovely days ahead...

    The boys and I celebrated by going for vanilla soft serve ice cream cones after school and playing outside in the yard until past bedtime.

    Wish we could have joined you two in Riverside Park though :)


  2. Oh how I wish I could have celebrated the first day of summer with you and our Miguelito!!!! You look SOOOOO beautiful with your hair pulled back! I saw on the news how hot it was in NYC (that's what the temperature is always like during the hot Texas summer!) and thought of ya'll! But I'm glad you're finding ways to still enjoy your beautiful city despite the heat. Girl I LOVE frozen yogurt!!! Glad Miguelito talked you into it, because you seriously were missing out! I looooove that photo of Coney Island! We must go there next time I'm in NYC ;) I love that you take hookie days with your baby, some of my best and most favourite memories growing up were the days my mommy let us play hookies! You are the kind of mom I hope to be and the kind of mom I know Micaela will be :) I love you sweet girl!!! xoxo

  3. Happy Summer dear! I spend it at my mom's in sunny San Diego but now I am back in this hot valley :(