Influenster MomVoxBox 2012

This was meant to be a quick video of unpacking and my initial thoughts about my first Influenster box :) But it somehow turned into a 13min video,Yikes!! Those are 13mins of your life that you'll never get back - Ha! 
Hope you enjoy the video!

You can go directly to Vimeo and see my video there. It's chopped here - boo!

Thank You Influenster and all of the lovely sponsors for the wonderful products!
Quacker Soft Baked Cookie, Stash Tea Superfruits Tea, Ivory Bar Soap, Dentex Floss, Nektar Sweetener, ImPress Press-On Manicure & The Original Dish Drying Mat.

Kary xoxo

P.S. Stay tuned to the reviews for these products coming up :) And I promise that the next video won't be that dark!


  1. LOVE this video! You are so cute!

    What a great box to get!

    x Jasmine

    PS. You sound exactly like Jennifer Lopez!

  2. How cute are you! I love this vlog! You should do more!!! :) Never heard of influenster, but it sounds similar to Birch Box (monthly beauty mailings) and Conscious Box (monthly healthy snack mailings).

  3. Kary you are so adorable! This looks really great. I'm going to look into it more. One of my fave bits was when you threw the packaging peanuts in air :p Can't wait to meet you!

  4. You are too Cute!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog Sassy Lemonade.