It's the Simple things in life...

“It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
- Paulo Coelho

❤ Hanging out with my baby!

Miguelito with the Masters Whang after testing on Saturday June 2,2012

❤  Finding out that Miguelito passed his Taekwondo test and that he will officially be a double black stripe belt on Tuesday! That's when the Belt ceremony will be - June 12, 2012 :)

❤ Seeing Miguelito's art work during Art Night! 

❤ Bought a sports bra at Target and hope it will hold my big ole boobs while I powerwalk/run around the reservoir in Central Park! I was using my normal bra and the straps started becoming a nuisance with me having to pull them up or hold them while I was running. What sports bra do you use? Which one do you recommend?
❤ Eating healthy & trying to recreate Wendy's Berry salad 
❤ Yesterday was National Chocolate Ice Cream day! My munchkin had no school so he had to celebrate by eating a Smore's custard from the Shake Shack!

❤ Working out and feeling AMAZING!!!
You can see how sweaty & gross my face is, yet I feel SO happy and pumped after every workout! 
You don't always get what you wish for, you get what you WORK FOR!

Happy Friday my loves! 
Wishing you all a great Weekend
Kary xoxo


  1. Congrats to Miguelito! Yay :) And he is just so adorable and talented.

    Those salads look amazing. They would be great for summer. SInce it's winter I want to make more hearty soups.

    A good sports bra is important. I wear a brand called Running Bare but I also love love my Lorna Jane one :) Keep up the wonderful work Kary you are on fire!! xx

  2. I am so proud of you, Kary! You inspire me.


    PS: Let's try to get our skype date organized again, shall we?!

  3. Way to go Miguelito!! And working out is such a part of my life that I've learned to find myself sexy even with the sweaty face. You look great! And happy! That's what matters :)

  4. I always love your smile and your rosy cheecks makes you even more beautiful! way to go kary! You can see the exercise top I use on this post I has the same problem with my babies all over the place :/

    Wow it's been two months since I started doing the taebo video on you tube.

    Congrats to Miguelito!! xoxo

  5. i dont wear a sports bra because a. i dont do enough sports and b. my boobs arent big enough to worry about! haha! seems like you are having a great time over there!!

  6. Hooray Miguel!!! :D

    How is that sports bra going? I haven't found one that holds me in properly yet. It seems that to hold you in tightly, they need to be ugly. Well, according to all the designs I've seen! :(

    x Jasmine