I never thought I'd...

 Clean my runny nose with my running shirt to swipe away my boogers! Instead of doing a snot rocket (explained below) Ewwwwww...
Wait, wait let me explain :)
As a runner you end up doing lots of things you thought you'd never do!

Here are some examples of gross things that runners do while they are running :) 
Including me!

Snot rocket
To shot snot out of one's nose while running.
Not only is this technique totally acceptable while running but you are considered quite cool by other
fellow runners and they will actually comment on your technique. 
I'm not that cool a runner yet to know how to launch my boogies out of my nose without having them hang from my nose, so instead I end up using my shirt - Gross!!!

Swallow Bugs
Yes, it's happened to me twice or more. While running around Central Park I've swallowed an occasional mosquito or whatever! Hey, don't judge :) It's always been accidental and not on purpose!

I remember when I used to walk around Central Park and I'd see the occasional runner move their head sideways and "spit", first thing I'd think was "Dude, that is so gross"! Now I don't give a damn because I have also spit while running. Yes, ladylike me softly turns her head to the side and ever so lightly spits - ha!
Take that princesses from around the world!

Yes, you will occasionally get a blister or two! Especially in the beginning when you start running and if you don't wear the right socks! They should never be cotton socks!! I now have runner's feet, which should not be confused with athlete's foot! No, I've just had the occasional blister or cut!

Sweat Profusely
Us runners sweat a lot! And no we don't smell like pretty roses and yummy chocolate, we smell more like WTH is that smell, get the hell away from me - Ha! Seriously it's not pretty!
 I remember my hubby coming home after running and me not wanting him to be near me, now we dance together and hug our sweaty self's! It's really quite sexy :) 

So you see us runners are really very cool, we have our own techniques and are pretty cool once we master all of them! Happy Thursday! Now to go and practice my Snot Rocket!!

Kary xoxo


  1. Wow. LOL Some of this is actually surprising until I remember my days of biking. Yup. I get it.

  2. Haha! This is great Kary. I wish I was more of a runner and I'm trying to get a start at the gym so I will try and run outside soon.

    I feel like I can't spit when I run but who knows maybe outside I would :)

  3. Gross!!

    Hahaha, I would never spit or blow 'snot rockets' ... but then again, I run inside at a gym. Can you imagine if I decided to spit in the gym? Haha, too gross for words.

    x Jasmine