Versatile Blogger Award

My darling friend Christy awarded me the Versatile Blogger award! :) 
This award  is given out to anyone who the blogger believes has truly great content.
Thank you my love - You rock!!! If you haven't checked out my nail/cupcake/fitness/chocolate/bling soulmates's blog you should, you can follow along as she writes about her love for shoes, fitness, food & life!

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 7 Random Facts:

1 - I'm afraid of whales, I have no idea how this phobia came about but I am terrified of whales! I can't see them even in pictures. Just by writing this out and picturing one I want to cry!

2- I LOVE chocolate as much as I love cupcakes! I would literally sell my soul for them both!!

3 - I'm scared of death. What happens after we die? It makes me very nervous when I think about dying or those that are dear to me not being with me anymore.

4 - I'm a huge dork with a heart full of love!! I will always love unconditionally whether your my family or friend! I will always give you 100% and I will always be here with you without judgement.

5 - There are some things that I wish that I could take back or do over, but the reality is that thanks to those mistakes or moments in my life, I am here today! And I love my life the way it is! I have my soulmate by my side and my Miguelito, what else can a girl ask for :)  (more children, which will come along sometime soon. At least 2 more)

6 - I have a big hearty laugh! Yes, I can be a very loud laugher sometimes :) Hahahahaha!

7 - I one box away from being a hoarder!! Not really but it does seem that way sometimes. I love to buy pretty things and it breaks my heart to part with them :)

Now it's your turn!
I award:

My sunshine - Lavender's Green
Claudia - Moncy3
Gina - Hiya Luv
Erin - Bideawee

These are some of my favorite girls!!

Kary xoxo


  1. awwwww thankyou hunnie, LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Thanks for the award!! muuuahhh!!

  3. I bet I am a bigger dork than you haha congrats on the award!! Love your blog girly

  4. Kary- you are in my head. I have an immense fear of death too. It freaks me out like a lot! Also- agreed on the cupcakes and chocolate and hoarding! Right there with you on all of the above! haha xo

  5. Thanks, Kary! I'll try to get this done when we get back from our trip to the lake (in the meantime, I have some NYC posts scheduled!)

    I'm really sorry I sent you that whale watching link. I honestly had no idea you were that scared of them! Forgive me?

    Big hugs, my friend. xo

  6. thank you so so much! I am so honored ;)

  7. Ohh thank you for the award lovely! You are so amazing :)

  8. Thank you, my glorious Sunshine!! I will post mine up asap! :D

    x Jasmine

  9. Thanks for the award, Kary! Sorry I'm late to the game... I'm working on my post now and should have it up tomorrow. :)