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Back to life, Back to reality.....

Hola!!! (Picture taken at our house in Mexico a day before we came back to NYC)

We're back!!!!!!!!
I've missed you all so very much!
I can not believe how fast a month went by, it seems like just yesterday I was getting off the plane in Mexico City, and now I'm back home with less than two weeks to go for the first day of school and Miguelito's 9th Birthday :) Very exciting things indeed.
I promise to come back and blog about our time in Mexico, and share some of my million pictures. 
But now I need to finish unpacking, send out souvenirs, shop for my munchkins school supplies, cuddle with hubby (who I' ve missed oh so very much) and get myself organized again :)

Now I'm off to workout!

Happy Saturday Loves

Kary xoxo

13 comments on "Back to life, Back to reality....."
  1. welcome back :) i'm glad you had a great time, and your little boy is nearly 9yrs!! wow. you canged your blog! i like it

    1. Thank you love!! I know right, time goes by way too fast! Thank you for my blog compliment :) xoxo

  2. SO happy you are back dear Kary!!

    1. Thank you darling!! I've missed lots mi Clau!! xoxo

  3. i am so glad you're home safely!!! (vacation blues are the worst aren't they? but at least your husband makes it all better)

    i just LOVE that photo of you and miguelito! speaking of our soon to be birthday boy.. i am in need of some ideas for a birthday gift for this year please! :) love you both so much xoxo

    1. Thank you! I'm so grateful for our safe travels! Yes, travel blues are the worst. Thank God for my hubby he helps make everything better :)

      Thank you love! We miss you oh so very much! We love you both so much!!!! xoxoxo

  4. How cute! I am happy you are back safe and sound! Cannot wait to see the pics and be jealous! xoxo :)

    1. :) You've been missed soulmate!! Thank you so much for your wishes :)


  5. Welcome home, my darling friend! I've missed you! can't wait to hear all about your trip and to catch up... Can't believe the summer is practically over! Gracie will be here on Thursday and soon after will be on her way to NYC... I'll be sure to send a little something for you and Miguelito {9 years old? oh my!}


    1. Thank you dear!! It's amazing how fast summer went by - boooo!!

      Omg! Gracie will be there this Thursday! way too exciting!! We should skype while you girls are together :)

      Your too sweet love, thanks for everything! and remember to try and stash yourself in Gracie's luggage!!


  6. Welcome home my beautiful sister!!! I sure have missed you tons while you were having a good time in Mexico with your family :) I've truly enjoyed all your beautiful photos and still getting to see your smile while you were away. I can't wait to read all about your trip! I bet hubby was SO happy to get you back home to him ;) And you hit the ground running - literally!!! - when you got back! :) You're truly an inspiration!! And I can't believe our baby boy is turning 9!! Time flies! Give him a hug for me. Enjoy your days of summer! I love you!! xoxo

  7. Look at how tanned you are! Wow!

    Happy to have you back safe and sound :)

    x Jasmine

  8. you went to hot mexico and i went to cold alaska. its time we catch up and swap stories, photos, and some gypsy sister love :)


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