Karina In Simple Terms

1) I scare myself silly each time I watch a scary movie! After the movie is over I'm afraid to walk down my hallway in the dark and I have to sleep with the light on! Yet, I love watching scary movies!!

2) My all time favorite scary movie is?! This was really hard because I love so many - Ha! The Mothman Prophecies scares the daylights out of me, for so many personal reasons!

3) I tend to cover my eyes when I'm watching a scary movie and I scream a lot!

Do you watch scary movies? What's one of your favorite ones?

Kary xoxo


  1. Friday the 13th when Jason's comes up from the water at the lake!!! I was around ten I think and it's scared the heck out of meeee!!

  2. I've only just started watching scary movies lately. I used to get such bad nightmares, but now I can handle them a bit better. But not realistic horror - I only like stuff that I know can't be true - vampires, werewolves etc.

    x Jasmine