Karina In Simple Terms

1) I'm considered to be a dork! That's ok :) I love being a dork!

2) My pet peeve is worms! Ahhhhhhh!! I literally squirmed as I typed that word. I once had a dream where I was put in a tub full of worms. I woke up crying and shaking and it lasted all day :)

3) My absolute favorite food is French Fries! Oh how I love them! Now they always live on in my heart!

What's your pet peeve? What's your favorite food?

Kary xoxo

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  1. Hmm ... most of my pet peeves involve things people do at work. But I think that's because I work with them for such long hours that non-annoying things become annoying!

    I have a few favourite foods! I love pizza, spaghetti, Thai, Vietnamese, steak burgers, hot chips, Mexican ... I just love food!

    x Jasmine