Mexico 2012 Picture Teaser....

We were surrounded by so much yummy Mexican bread!
My grandmother's garden was full of beautiful butterflies that followed me everywhere! That was my view every single morning :)
Miguelito enjoying a yummy Pitaya
There are many different color Pitayas, this one was color Serafina
I miss this view from the Campo!
You looking at me?!?
We saw cactus plants everywhere :D
Talk about suntan! And this happened on my second day in Mexico :)

Can you guess what I was doing and what I'm holding??

Hope you enjoy these pictures! Will be back with stories and more pictures :)

Kary xoxo


  1. No I can't guess...whare are you doing? We are heading to Mexico in a couple weeks..can't wait! Want some pan dulce!!!

  2. What's a Pitaya? It looks yummy! And how come the bread is red inside?

    x Jasmine

  3. everything looks so good! I want to try all the food of course lol