Fitfluential Tunes #FFtunes

Me all red after my morning run on Monday 9/10/12
Hello my loves, Happy Wednesday!
Today's post was inspired by Kelly Olexa, the founder of FitFluential.
Monday morning she asked us via twitter a series of questions regarding working out and listening to music. So I thought it would be nice to do a post with my answers to those questions and instead of writing down some of my favorite songs, why not post a short playlist. Why short? Well, I'm thinking of doing this once a week :) I'd love to share my FitFluential tunes with you, the tunes that always get me through my hardest workouts. Trust me!  There's been a few of those, when my body hurts and my feet are telling me to stop because there's pain, but mind over body baby!

Do you always workout with music?
I already gave that answer away above :) but yes! I must always listen to music while working out. Only once did my Ipod die on me during my workout and I felt like it was the end of the world! I literally dropped to my knees and started screaming noooooooo while holding my Ipod up to the sky - hahaha!

How do you discover new music & what's your favorite style for workouts?
I am an absolute movie lover and I am always falling in love with movie soundtracks. My sister makes fun of me because my Ipod is full of songs from movies. That's one way of discovering new music, another way? Songs that I happen to listen to on the street or while shopping, if I don't know the name I'll write down the lyrics and search for the song once I get home. As for style I really don't have a style, I LOVE music period! I tend to put my Ipod on shuffle and there's no better feeling like a certain song coming up when I need it the most!

What do you use? Ex:Ipod, Random MP3 player, Moto ACTV....
I use my Nano Ipod, in pink of course :) I need to buy an arm band, right now I just hook it on my running bra.

What are some of your FAV go to tunes for workouts, that always push you through - Title/Artist?
This is so hard to answer, there are really many songs that I count on to get me through or push me when I'm working out. Some of them you will find in the playlist below and in upcoming FitFluential Tunes post.
But I'll name a few just to give you an idea.
Amerie - Gotta work, Ladytron - Versus, 2NE1 - Versus, Dr.Alban - It's My Life, Rocky - Eye Of The Tiger

FitFluential Tunes #FFtunes

Now you have an idea of some of the songs that get me through my workouts and I can't wait to share more with you each week! But now it's my turn to ask you.
Do you listen to music while you workout? If yes, what are some of  the tunes that you listen to? Leave a comment below with some of your favorites, I love music and I'm always looking for new tunes to add to my Ipod weather it be for my workouts or for dancing in my living room :)

Special Thanks to Kelly Olexa for inspiring this new weekly post!

Kary xoxo


  1. I always have to have music while I'm working out...I need the upbeat tempos to keep me moving! My current favorite workout song is Ying Yang Twins "Drop". The beat keeps me moving quickly!

  2. YES TO MUSIC while doing anything! love your variety on here!

  3. Sophia has the Nano ipod in pink and she dropped it last week and broke the screen. Luckily it still works she said!! :/

    Ay chihuahua yo escucho puras rancheras :)

  4. I was going to do the exact same thing on my blog as my songs are some really old ones and new ones so they are all over the place and I spend most of my time skipping (which is extremely annoying while you are trying to work out). I am in desperate need of a couple of new workout playlists so I will be listening to a few of yours (I've never heard any of them...estoy vieja que mas puedo decir haha)

  5. I do the same thing you do - write down lyrics I hear in stores and Google it when I get home, haha.

    My iPod died almost a year ago, so I've been working out this whole time without music and it's been hard. I keep meaning to buy a new one, but I keep having to spend my money on hospital bills instead.

    x Jasmine