It's The Simple Things In Life...

Yes! We survived the first two days of school :) And now it's Friday and we have the weekend ahead of us so we can get ready for next weeks first full week of school.
I will admit that I'm quite tired, it was a busy week. Full of lots of exciting news & happy moments!

Monday 9/3/12:
No pictures, hubby had a really bad toothache and ended up going to the dentist for an emergency appointment. Once home, I was his own private nurse ;D

Tuesday 9/4/12:
Gracie and I at Herald Square
Gracie & Miguelito at Herald Square
 We got to "meet" Gracie. It was a wonderful day and she is such a sweetheart. There will be an entire post dedicated to our time together in NYC, promise!
 We get to hang out with her and her husband Jason tomorrow, Saturday.

Drumroll please....

And one of the most exciting and emotional things that happened this week was on Tuesday, when I got home and opened my email to find this:

I am now a #sweatpink ambassador which is very exciting, motivating and amazing.
It's been a very long time that I hadn't been so determined and motivated, and it feels amazing to be reaching my goals. It is an honor to be surrounded by so many amazing people in the FitFluential  & FitApproach family, what's even more touching is when I receive an email or tweet saying that I Rock,
that I can do it, that I look great and that I inspire them. But what they don't know is that THEY - YOU inspire me and thanks to all of their & your amazing support that I can continue to achieve my fitness goals!
She Believed She Could, SO She Did!

Wednesday 9/5/12:
Miguelito and his abuelito & abuelita
Humbe and I with our handsome birthday boy
Super excited birthday boy with his special present from his tia's Mickey & Marz
 It was Miguelito's 9th Birthday and he got spoiled rotten by all of his loved one's in NYC and his two tia's that live far away, Mickey & Marz. Not only was he spoiled materially but also with lots of love!

Thursday 9/6/12:
First day of school 9/6/12

Fall is in the air & on the ground!
Miguelito went back to school and I went back to running after a month hiatus! It was a good day, sad but good. I always feel sad when it's time for Miguelito to go back to school, I miss him being with me. But so is life. So, after dropping him off at school I ran home and put on my running shoes, it was the perfect escape that I needed. And boy did it help, I welcomed with open arms the freedom that comes with running! I said it once and I'll say it again there is no other feeling like that of your feet hitting the pavement and the air on your face :)

Friday 9/7/12:
Breakfast: Slice of whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter, bananas with chia seeds & flax seed.
Cupcake from Baked By Melissa to celebrate surviving the first two days of school :)
 So my loves my week pretty much rocked and I'm sure that it will only get better!

Happy Friday Loves

Kary xoxo


  1. what a great week! besides Humbe's tooth-ache :( never any fun but i'm sure his personal nurse made him forget for awhile ;) ha no pics of that?!!?! wink!

    aw, i remember the one day miguelito had to go to school while we were there-- we missed him so i can't imagine how you feel every day. Cupcakes by Melissa = YUM! haven't been able to stop thinking about them since you sent us some for our birthday.

    Speaking of birthdays, seeing our sombrino with his lego gift makes us SO HAPPY! It's second best to being there in person <3

    i love these photos of you guys with Gracie and can't wait to hear more. Have fun today!

    CHEERS to you, miss Sweat Pink Ambassador! I am SO proud of you and will be looking to you for my muse to get in shape after baby. We'll be fit mamas together, HIGH FIVE!

    love love love you & thanks for the text date last night (you win, you win. i can't wait to put her in her Dexter onesie from Auntie Kary) and looking forward to our chat date on Monday :)


  2. oooooooo that makes me smile because it will me me standing next to you soon!!! :):)

  3. Oh wow what a week! It's so hard to get back onto the routine!! I totally know the feeling of dropping off the kids at school :(

    On the other hand I love to see you and Gracie and Miguelito together!

    Hope you husband's toothache has passed and the dentist visit wasn't that bad :/ hey I also know about being a private nurse!! Sin ofender pero men are such babies!! Love you Kary!

  4. What a week you've had! Going back to school is always a shock to the system, isn't it?

    Happy Birthday to Miguelito! Hope he likes the little gift I sent :)

    I need to post all about Gracie's visit, too. Soon! In the meantime, love the photos of you girls together and just wish I could join you.

    Let's skype soon. Miss you!

  5. I'm so jealous of Gracie - she got to hang out with you and Miguel! One day it will be my turn :)

    Congratulations again on becoming a Sweat Pink ambassador.

    x Jasmine