Just A Minute In...September

Watching... Actually listening to music while Miguelito watches ICarly on Netflix at 1:00am

 Eating... Nothing, it's too late to be eating any kind of snack or anything at all.

 Wanting... To go back to the last day of school when we were about to enjoy Summer Vacation, instead of it being the last days of Summer Vacation and getting ready for the 1st day of school in 4 days!

 .Planning... Miguelito's 9th birthday celebration this Wednesday, and my mom's birthday celebration on the 10th of this month! September birthday parties are the best :)

 Organizing... My schedule, a much needed shopping date, and writing down places we can go to with Gracie! Who we get to meet this week :) Very exciting!!

 Wishing... That time could stop going by really fast! Where did this Summer go to? How is it possible that day's have become months and months have become years?!? Time has got to STOP going by so fast!

 Thinking... About these coming months and all the exciting things that are going on in my life right now, and all the exciting and memorable moments that are yet to come! Very exciting time indeed :)

 Feeling... Quite nostalgic! I have serious Mexico blues, I miss my grandmother, and family in Mexico. My heart aches to be there again and sorting through all these pictures is just making my heart ache more.

Happy Monday Loves

Kary xoxo

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